21 January 2013

How big is big?

I always tell Amy before we got married that my mum's side of the off the family is big. During big occasions especially Chinese New Year, everyone will be back to Sitiawan to celebrate it. So how big is big???

In total I counted there are 59 people in this photo and there are quite a few people missing. My brother, his wife, 2 cousins with their wife, some uncles and aunts from overseas. The picture composes of:

  • 1 Great Grand Mother
  • 6 Sons and Daughters (total I think is 9)
  • 3 In-Laws (Husband/Wife to Sons and Daughters)
  • 2 Close Family Friends
  • 28 Grand Children
  • 21 Great Grand Children
Comes Chinese New Year the family grows exponentially and the sound in the house it like an earthquake. It is truly a sight to behold. Ask Amy.

04 January 2013

Canon 40mm F2.8

Every since I got my Canon 5D, Canon 17-40mm f4 and Canon 70-200 f4 about say 3 or 4 years ago ( I got all of them around the same time), I have not bought a single lens since then. It has been a long time because any lens that is f4 aperture and below are either super expensive (RM5000 and above) or fixed focal length. I almost got the 28mm F1.8 however it was super rare in Malaysia and when I finally found one, I kinda lost interest in it.

That day I received a package from a friend who carried it from the US.....

I knew the thing I ordered was relatively small and this box seems a bit huge to contain what I ordered. So I took a knife to the box and this was what was inside....

This is why Adorama is such a popular place to buy camera stuff in the US. It was packed very nicely so that it arrives to its destination safely....

That is the lens box compared to the box it was shipped in. Why you ask I bought the 40mm F2.8? Well it is dirt cheap (bought it for RM450) and it is small. The small size is the one that attracted me the most. How small you ask?

Still not convinced how small it is? Check it out beside my next smallest lens which is the 50mm F1.4 (actually it ain't my lens, it is Amy's but I use it more and after married what is mine is mine and what is hers in mine anyway. Hehe).....

Here is how the 50mm looks like attached to my camera....

and this is how the 40mm looks on the same camera....

Looks like a toy when compared to the camera. Hahaha. I have yet to have time to take it out for a spin. I will post some pictures when I do. I have been reading some good reviews about this lens for the price....

02 January 2013

Just Hopping around

I think I just got back from my Paris trip and I was walking into the house, I saw a huge grasshopper sitting on my car. I had to get my camera, put on a macro lens and started taking pictures.

The pictures ain't great. It ain't focused at the right parts (the eyes) but had to grab a few quick grabs before it started running away and finally hopped away. Oh well that is what happens when you work with "wild" animals and insects. Hehe