31 January 2011

Kimchi's 29th Birthday

Another year has arrived and the first birthday of 2011 has come and gone. This time around we celebrated Michelle aka Kimchi's Birthday on Michelle Day itself. She couldn't decide between all the suggestion I provided to her but in the end settled for Kinpachi in SS17 Subang Jaya.

Kinpachi is a nice Japanese restaurant situated away from the busy areas and hence getting parking is a breeze. They server pretty good food as well so there is nothing much to complain. Amy and myself got there first and while waiting for the rest, we did nothing other then cam whore.

Just in case you are wondering, H24B means Happy 24th Birthday. The shirt I am wearing is the first birthday present I got from Amy. We got together about 9 days before my birthday but I celebrated my birthday over in Taiwan.

The next couple to arrive was none other then Kimchi and Kel. They sat down and yes proceeded to cam whore.

I like the 3rd picture where Kel is holding the Kinpachi menu up. It is so playful and their expression is priceless. At that point of time we got some hot towels to refresh ourselves but Amy and Kimchi started playing with it.

We were soon joined by EV where I won 100 bucks from kimchi for guessing correctly who was walking down the corridor.

Followed shortly after EV was Aileen Khoo and we got the complete group for the night.

Shortly after Aileen came the food started arriving and I ordered my usual which is the wakayama ramen.

Kimchi and Kel ordered the Kinpachi bento which is Kimchi's standard order as well.

EV and Amy ordered the Saba Shioki with Cawan Mushi

Aileen ordered the cold Soba mee. I was enjoying my ramen so much, I didn't take a picture of the Soba. Sorry Aileen. We ate, laughed and enjoyed each other's company. After our tummies were satisfied, started the group picture session.

They always complain that I take group pictures of them but I am not included in the picture. So while I setting up the camera, the gang was patiently waiting for me and getting bored, I couldn't help myself but to take a picture of them stoning.

This were their reaction when I told them what I just did.

I already had the timer all set and everything was ready, when I took the stone picture the timer was enabled and I had to cancel it and then enable normal shooting to get the stone picture face. We got interrupted half way by dessert.

Kinpachi didn't have any desserts other then ice cream so we ordered 3 macha ice cream and added a candle for effect.

Once the birthday song was sung, the wishes wished and the candle blown, we went back to taking group pictures with me inside. Had to setup the camera again and this time before enabling the timer, did some candid shots.

and finally I get my silly mug in the shot.

Normal picture first and then of course must have funny picture...

The girls continued to cam whore like there was no tomorrow.

Now starting from this part onwards things started to get really weird. I think they must have spiked the green with tea with some sake or something. Usually as you know, I am seldom in the pictures. However Kimchi wanted some pictures with me and usually when I get infront of the camera things just go seriously crazy.

Out of all the shots up there, there is only one normal picture of me and it was because I accidentally pressed the shutter while the camera was pointing at me. Not to be out done, the girls started to also join in.

Finally just before we called it a night took some couple shots of Kimchi and Kel. At least we managed to keep the first few shots serious. Then again it went slightly weird.

All in all it was a fun night out with some good friends, good food and my Canon 5D.