11 January 2011

Hot, Spicy and Good

When you are a Malaysian, brought up in Malaysia, lived in Malaysia for the majority of your life and speak more then 3 different languages and dialects, then you will surely have the love for food. I wouldn't say Malaysia has the widest variety of food but it certainly has food everywhere, on every corner and every row of shop and most importantly at any time of the day.

When talking to a Malaysian about food you will inevitably hear them say The Best Roti Canai is... The Best Char Kuay Teow is... The best Nasi Lemak is... To Malaysia everything is the best when it comes to food. Since I was born in Malaysia, I stayed in Malaysia for 25 years of my life and oh yea I blame my size on the Mamak guy and the guy who sells keropok lekor near my house. So for me one of The Best Thai food is at Sawasdee in SS15. It is the same row as Herbs & Food and Secret Recipe in SS15.

They serve great Thai food and not only the normal stuff like pad thai and pandan fried chicken. They have  quite a variety of different Thai dishes. Before we go into the food, let me introduce to you my fellow Malaysian foodies.

First we have the lovely Miss EV, a big foodie compared to her size and most likely the foodie president of our club. When she is not working hard in the office, she is surfing foodie blogs for our next outing. Funny thing is she treats the main meals like appetizers. That doesn't mean she  eats alot, but on the contrary she eats very little of the main meal to save space for what is important which is dessert.

Next we have of course again a norm in the group, also the "Ma Lau" in the group Miss Michelle Yap. She is the joker of the group and all our outing will be completely boring without her. She has the tendency to go to the wrong place if you do not give her good enough directions. However most importantly she will be there for the food and willing to do stupid faces in front of the camera.

Kelvin Toh to Kel Da boss with the Red Bullet also a standard in the group now. He is Da Boss because he always looks like Da Boss. Has the same boss stance especially when in front of the camera. Check out his hand positions very boss like.

This time our dinner also had some extra not to regulars. First of course is Dr Ooi from KK. This is the real Kota Kinabalu and not Kota Kemuning. He always gives us good insights to what being a doctor is like. He also hates the show Grey's Anatomy because he says there isn't that many hot doctors in real life.

He is of course accompanied by his wife fiancee girlfriend Sharon. She brings the balance to our good friend Dr Ooi. She is the totem, she is the yin to Dr Ooi's yang and she also verifies what Dr Ooi says about the hospital is true or not.

Last but not least is of course Sam Eng, as from his name he is an Engineer in the true form. Not pretend engineers like me. He has built power stations and brought lights to countries like Spain, Dubai and even the United Kingdom. What have I done other then ascended to become the Chief Talkcock Officer?

Before anyone of your jump out of your panties, there is no picture of Amy because she wasn't there. It wasn't because she was not beside me. This night I was freedom Ting and not ball and shackle Ting.

Now enough crap out of me, the blog started out about food then went to WWE introduction of the people and it should finally come back to food. Now I always love it when you come to a dinner, you do not need to think of what to eat or order. All you have to do is sit down and wait for the food that has been ordered to come. That is what exactly happened since EV already ordered everything for us.

The first and most unhealthy of the lot is the pork knuckle dish. This is a new dish for me to have at Sawasdee. Not every Thai, but more chinese. They did have this black and spicy sauce that goes pretty well with the nicely fried pork knuckle.

From the most unhealthy we go to the most healthy of the dishes which is the steam fish. Now this is very Thai style as the fish is steam in water with lime juice, garlic and chili padi. The combination is constantly heated from the bottom using charcoal and it is the combination of heat from the  "soup" and the heat from the chili padi and the sour of the lime that makes this a seriously winning combo.

Last time I was here, we also had this fried Bee Hoon but it was with crabs. This time EV ordered just plain fried bee hoon and it taste just as good. The Bee Hoon has been boiled just perfectly and the seasoning is spectacular. I think they still fried it with some crabs or something. It is accompanied by a very innocent looking green sauce. However one drop and your mouth will be on fire. This dish is really one to order when you are here.

Now the dish on top is a very weird combo that actually taste splendid. First time I had it, it didn't even know that the main ingredient is actually century eggs. Yes you heard me right, this is actually century eggs with fried basil leaves and stir fried together. For all you century egg haters, do not despair because you cannot even taste the century egg as all. Taste just like normal hard boiled eggs. This dish is becoming a regular to our table.

Now no dinner is completely without some green vegetables. This is again something new to me. Never had this before and it is actually paku pakis salad. It looks very bland but again the chili and lime juice combo on this dish is a true winner.

Finally the killer of all dish killer, the crab. This crab was fried almost like "kam hiong" crab but with a Thai twist to it. The crabs was fresh and big as well added with the style of frying, it was seriously good. I had this crab with none other then bee hoon. This crab and the bee hoon are made together like how Coffee Mate was made for Nescafe coffee. :)

If you haven't tried Sawasdee in SS15 before, you should give it a go. By the way just to let you all know with all the food and lemongrass juice and coconut we had, the bill came up to just over 200 bucks. Now that is what I call a steal.

Some satisfied people and these pictures we taken by Miss Ee Von.


  1. No!!! OM is still #1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hahahahha. The only thing with OM is that it is further. Sawasdee is much nearer. Haha

  3. *DROOLLLLLL*....

    i had my fair share of good food toooooo.....*blek*

  4. Of course. It is because I always do the ordering. Haha