27 January 2011

*Update* Illegal Garbage Dumping

Just a quick update about the situation:
  1. This morning I went for a jog and guess what the boxes and paint can is gone :)
  2. Unfortunately it was replaced with 2 bags full of garbage :(
  3. The young couple did come out for their morning exercise and when I passed them I said good morning
  4. When they pass my mum, the asked my mum if I was her son and started to explain to my mum that they were not uncivilized people and they left it there because and uncle asked to leave it there so he can collect it for recycling
It is great to see them recycling and I have to pat them on the back for that, but I think the way they are going about it just totally wrong. If someone ask you to leave "recyclable items" beside a park, you should have told the guy to go to your place to pick up the stuff. Not leave it on the side of the road beside a park. Imagine if they put the box out there and it started the rain, the box will turn to mush and the can will collect water. You end up with a pile of mush no one wants and a breeding place for mosquitoes.

The problem with Malaysians is that if they see someone doing it, it automatically becomes ok to do it as well. People see garbage on the side of the road and automatically everyone starts thinking it is a garbage dumping site. Note point 2 above. People still complain about it and yet they do it. I hear people complain about the corruption situation in Malaysia. However when stopped by the cops for speeding, what do they do? Bagi duit kopi. It is still wrong but if the cops offer it, it becomes "correct"?

I always think we Malaysians, will do anything (including breaking and bending the law) to get the advantage but we as Asians are very afraid to be embarrassed. I think in Malaysia being fined and all that crap is just not enough to punish us. What we need to do is to publicly embarrass the wrong doers and I think we will be a better country.

I met this Hawaiian guy who told me at one point, people who break the law in Hawaii will have their mug shot posted on the police website for a week. He said they will always post the photos every Thursday and he said sometimes you can see the people who have resisted arrest gets beaten up by the cops and he says it was funny as heck and since Hawaii is such a small island, everyone knows each other.  Most of them will logon to the webpage every Thursday just to see who got caught.

I think that is a great way to curb law breakers in Malaysia. Can you imagine PDRM sets up a Facebook page and then every week they will post pictures of people breaking the law? I think it would be a seriously clicked on page. PDRM can even make money out of it by putting adverts and all that. Citizens with their camera phone can also take pictures of idiots and post it on the FB page as well.

What you think people? Do you agree with me that PDRM should setup a FB page and put idiot's mug shot on them on a weekly basis? Click to vote and give me your honest opinion.

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