24 July 2012

A bit of a confusing day

You know how those days when you wake up in the morning and forget which day it is? You are wondering hey is this a weekend or a weekday. It could also be one of those days when you wake up and you know it is a weekday but you are wishing it was a weekend or public holiday? I had one of those days recently and this is what happened.....

It just one of those day you know that you feel it is ok, it is all gonna be all right. Haha

23 July 2012

Incompetent Services By People Who Monopoly The Market

It is quite obvious from the title that this post is gonna be all about ranting and complaining. So if you are not in the mood please skip this post and wait for the next one.

About a month ago, after a heavy spell of rain one of the branch from my parent's neighbour's decided to flee from it parent tree and decided to drop on the phone line and hence breaking the flow of electrons which give us the ability to "bowl porridge" (chinese saying) and also surf the internet and "talk empty" (malay saying). 

It happened on a Wednesday and I reported it on Thursday morning. I reported that a branch dropped and hence severing the phone wire and asked someone to come fix it. My parents weren't home and they would be back on Monday. I was hoping that by the time they get back it would be just nice for the TM guys to come and fix it.

However I got no calls over the weekend and on Monday I called them up and complained again. Apparently they said someone tried to call me twice on Saturday but I never got any missed calls from them and I told them, please get one of your technical guys to call me so we can arrange to fix the issue. Never got a call again and I called again on Tuesday and the lady on the line can even say "Oh we noticed that you phone doesn't have a dail tone". This is when I got really mad and I have to say sorry to the lady on the phone because I blew up and told her from the first call I already told them the line was broken and they need to send someone there to fix the dem line. The good thing about my explosion is that it got things working because 1 hour later someone called me and said he was ready to come to my place to check the problem.

They came and the stupid thing is the fella checked the line and said "Oh you punya rumah terlalu tinggi dan tangga saya tak cukup dan insurance saya tak cukup". When my mum told me about this I was already freaking pissed off. I mean you are TM man, if you cannot fix it then who the hell is gonna fix it? The TM contractor told us to get our own contractor to fix and TM called me saying since the wire is internal that we need to engage our own contractor.

After talking to my colleagues, they said it was TM's responsibility to bring the phone line in no matter what. I called my mum again and she said the first TM contractor called another TM contractor which can do the job and they were coming at 6pm that day.

Guess what that fella never turned up and I was again pissed off and called TM screwed up them the next day, sent an email to MCMC and finally they fella came and charged us 100 bucks for it. At that point I have said in my mind that after my unifi contract is up, I am going to Maxis. Screw this useless, incompetent people and their business. 

After that I got an email from TM....

It was such a cookie cutter reply then they didn't even change the correct date on the email. Only after an hour they changed the date and sent me another email. This is how incompetent Telekom Malaysia are and we have to live with it.Ok enough complaining and venting anger. Back to normalself. Goosfraba!!!!

11 July 2012

Want and Need

I always view life as ironic. I always feel that the thing you want most, you will never get unless you work hard at it. Unfortunately this is what is happening to me at the moment as I sit here writing this blog post. I am at my most broke these couple of months ever since we got married and shifted into our house. Over the past couple of months my credit card bill has been ballooning and there is no sign of stopping since this month I got my car to service and August is when my car insurance is due for payment.

It is this few months as well, where there are quite a few announcement of stuff which I really want. First of all is.....

That is the new Google Nexus 7 tablet. It sports a quad core, 1GB ram, 7 inch IPS panel which looks so good that this is the first time I ever wanted a tablet. It comes also with Jelly Bean and 8GB worth of storage. The price point is only $199 and I am waiting for it to come to Malaysia to see how much it would cost.

Next is.....

the Google Galaxy Nexus. This is the flagship smartphone by Google which sports a dual core 1.2Ghz processor with 1GB of RAM and a 4.75" HD screen putting out 1280x800 pixels. Hardware wise it might not be as great is the Samsung Galaxy SIII but it is pure Android without any caressing from HTC, Samsung and the likes and each new iteration of Android, it will be getting it first. Google announce Jelly Bean 2 weeks back at Google I/O and today it is ready for download for the Galaxy Nexus. Unfortunately this beast of a phone cost close to RM2000 r.r.p. A bit out of my range now but it will be a welcome replacement for my aging HTC Desire.

From smartphone/tablet we go to another hobby which I have neglected for quite a while and I want to get.....

Introducing the Canon EF40mm F2.8 STM. It is basically a fixed focal lens which is so super thin. According to reports it is majorly sharp and the STM means Smooth Transition Motor. It was built mainly with videographers in mind. It is also a very bright lens at a fixed aperture of F2.8. Surprising thing about this little guy is that it doesn't get sharper when stopped up. 

All those mambo jambo specifications and all are great but the main thing attracting me this lens is how small it is.

The back lens cap is just about as thick as the entire lens. This is how it would look like fixed on my camera....

Well not exactly my camera since that is the brand new Canon EOS 5D MKIII. I cannot remember the last time I bought a lens and at the price point of RM600+ it is a very tempting as well.

Last but not least is.....

Logitech G27 racing wheel. It is a dual motor force feed-back which allows you to feel the road. I was up in Penang a few weeks back where my brother had one and of course we were playing it all throughout the weekend. It is so real that when you go on the curbs you can feel the steering wheel moving to one side and under heavy breaking the wheels turns wildly. On top of that you also get....

That is a 6 speed manual gear shifter and also 1 reverse gear. It is so real to engage reverse gear you need to push down on the gear knob to engage reverse. It of course also comes with....

Notice there is 3 paddles and one of them is for the clutch. Oh you actually need to step on the clutch just to engage them gears like a normal car. The price for this little baby is around RM900+ and again a bit out of my budget at the moment.

So looks like everything that I want and need at the moment is out of my budget. Guess got to stop dreaming, get back to work and work harder to buy these babies.

06 July 2012

Absolutely Stunning Day Not To Be Stuck In The Office

For the past 2 or 3 weeks, KL has been facing some serious haze problems....

However for the past 2 or 3 days it has been raining quite heavily in the early mornings and the wind has been absolutely blowing. This morning I was woken up by some heavy wind sound which I thought was rain. I went over to close the windows and it wasn't actually raining. However it did in the end rain and here are the results...

With this kind of blue skies why would you want to be cooped up in an office?

05 July 2012

Another Android Fanboy Post

I stumbled upon this video posted on Facebook from my friend Juin Wei and decided to check it out. I can call myself an Android Fanboy especially after the previous post but I didn't know that Android has some features which is better over Apple. Usually people say Apple is better but this video is very eye opening.

Have a look through and see what you think? Some of the things he says well not really up to date since it was taken a while ago before iOS6 came online.

There are 5 parts to this video which you can check on youtube. I have seen the second one but that is more about apps which is not direct comparison between the OS itself.