29 September 2010


We went to Penang just as a stop over before heading to Langkawi. It was also because my bro is staying in Penang and we get some free accommodation. While we where there my bro fed us like kings and I got super fat. This is what we had in 1 day. In the morning at 9.30am we went for Roti Bakar and Soft boil eggs at Bayan Lepas. At 11.30am we went to Butterworth to have some bee hoon, steam fish, steam lala and fried minute chicken and all washed down with some super fresh todi. One and a half hours later we were at my bro's favourite place for durians. We had 4 really good fruits between only 3 people and finally for dinner we had indian food. Now that is what I call a holiday.

While we were at Butterworth, my bro stopped by his colleagues place which over looks the docks that repairs the Penang Ferry.

This is the first time I ever seen this place and would be silly of me now to realised that they need a place to fix the ferry anyway. While we were up at the apartment I managed to get this pictures as well.

Guess us Malaysians can't really follows rules. After having the durians at my bro's favourite durian place at Kulim, we went to Sungai Sedim. It is about 1 and a half hours drive from Penang but it felt much longer going from Kulim. When we go there we found a nice river with rocks all over. A perfect place to take some pictures.

We spent a good 2-3 hours at Sungai Sedim taking pictures and also playing around. Too bad we weren't really prepared for the river. We got all our swim stuff but we forgot to bring a towel. All 3 of us forgot to bring a towel. Super mangkuk.

On the way back to KL, since Amy hasn't taken the Penang Ferry before. I decided we will take the Penang Ferry instead of the bridge. It would be a really nice ending to our road trip.

While we were on the ferry, I caught sight off....

That is the MV Star Pisces, it is one of the ships that is owned by the StarCruise fleet. It travels around Penang on a day trip to international waters. I am proud to see this ship because I was actually on board this ship and we implemented our device into this ship. In fact it was this ship that we used as our test bed for the deployment of our device. Good to see it here in Penang.

28 September 2010


The cool thing about having an SLR is that you have a dedicated macro lens to capture some very tiny details in flowers, fruits and vegetables. While we were in Cameron, with the cool weather and also some nice light, we got to do some macro photography. Here are some of the results.

I went a little crazy and went even closer to try to captures some flower filament. It ain't the best and it would have been best with a tripod.

I really should consider buying a tripod to take better macro pictures. Oh well anyone willing to donate to the "Help Jason Ting buy a tripod fund"? Haha

27 September 2010

View of Cameron Highlands

On the way down towards Ringlet, you will pass by some fantastic views of the Bharat Tea Plantation. This place is always packed and I feel it is more packed then the Boh Tea Plantation. They actually now have 2 places which are pretty close to each other. It is more accessible compared to the Boh Tea Plantation since it is just off the main road.

It has got fantastic views of their plantation.

This is the first couple of times my panoramic photos actually worked. So here are some panoramic photos of the Bharat Tea Plantation.

There are also alot of vegetable plantations around and this time I decided to take a different view of the vegetable plants.

This goes to show that not everything in life is always fine and dandy. This time around we took a very slow drive down from Cameron Highlands. It was also because I was getting loads of work calls and driving down from Cameron Highlands and talking on the phone is not an easy task. We stopped by the road at one of the places and while I took my call Amy went snapping.

After I finish off my work I also went snapping.

We had a great time at Cameron Highlands and now we have to bid it farewell and head on to our next destination which is Penang.

22 September 2010

Lakehouse Cameron Highlands

One of the days we decided to drive down to Ringlet to see whats up in Ringlet. Since they opened the new road, we usually take the back road which goes through Brinchang instead of Ringlet. This time around since we got the time we decided to take a drive. On the way down to Ringlet, just before Ringlet town, we happened upon a nice house.

I decided to take a drive in and we found out actually it is a nice guest house called Lakehouse. It is a colonial style accommodations which is very similar to Baba House and Ye Olde Smoke house in Tanah Rata. However this place was much bigger then the rest. Just looking at the front of the property you will feel like you are in England and coupled with the weather, it doesn't feel like Malaysia anymore.

The inside of the place has also a very colonial feel and it actually feels like being in your own home. Check out the meeting room.

I also like the common area where there is a nice big fire place. I just wonder if they actually use the fire place.

We took the opportunity to walk around the area and we were lucky enough not to get chased out. It was a great place to take photos.

Just outside the reception on the back part of the place was a huge chess board painted onto the floor. We couldn't resist having some fun.

What is a chess board without the chess pieces. However we couldn't find any chess pieces around. So we decided to get creative.

Too bad the picture is a little dark and I could have done better on the photography side. Just as we finished taking the chess pieces pictures, the sun came out and we got some really nice light. So decided to do some portraiture. The model is none other them Amy.

We wanted to see if we can have dinner here that day but after seeing the prices, we decided it ain't worth it. However I think the next time we come to Cameron Highlands we might see if we can stay here. It is quite nice and it would be great to see how cool the rooms are.