03 September 2010

And the Winner is

After a weeks long vote, the votes are in and they have been counted. The winner for the best Paul Frank impersonator with the highest votes of 7 goes too....

Coming in a close second place and just missing out by 1 vote to the winner, in second place is....

Last in 3rd place with only 14% of the votes the original Ma Lau...

Since I am the second place, I would like to thank everyone who supported me in my campaign to be the best Paul Frank impersonator. I have tried my best but the best Ma Lau won. I couldn't have done it without my fans in the background voting and pushing my on to be a better Ma Lau then I already am. I am sorry for letting you down and not taking the best place. I will try harder next year.

I would like to thanks everyone who have visited and voted as well. It is the first time ever one blog post actually had 141 hits in total and 23 comments. I need to have more post like this. Haha


  1. Yay!! The Ma Lau I voted for won!!!

  2. HAha. You know what i actually forgot to vote WTF!

    Then again I wouldn't have voted for myself so I think Mr Anonymous you are still the winner. Haha