06 September 2010

Elayne's Birthday at Alexis

Usually the April to early August month is when I get really broke. My whole family's birthday including Amy's birthday falls within this span 5 months and not including all the Mother's Day, Father's day and friends birthday. A couple of weekend back we all again met up to have a dinner together to celebrate Elayne's birthday. All of us gathered at Alexis at the Gardens for dinner and for me to improve my photography skills.

Every time I see this picture I imagine Kel at the front of a board room meeting table chairing a meeting. He looks very much like a boss. I see a very successful Kel in the future. He is already looking the part. Haha.

Last but not least is of course the VIP of the day which is of course the birthday girl.

It is good to catch up with each other and we got a "private room" all to ourselves. Well actually we had to share the room with another noisier group then us. I couldn't imagine anyone could be as noisy as us. Lucky after a while we closed the partition in between both the groups and we got our "private room" again.

Before the dinner could start we had nothing to do so commence the group pictures. Yea usually it is after the dinner but this time we got impatient and we started early.

Aren't the ladies just beautiful? All of them nice and smiling and posing for my camera. I couldn't stand all their perfect smiling face so I decided to spice things up a little.

It is pretty obvious my distraction didn't work on Aileen, Sue Ann and Elayne. They kept their composure but it did work on the back row of girls. Soon the girls were joined with Kel.

And finally a picture of the long lost dugong. Captured here in a very rare photo of this special dugong which can live both in the sea as well as on land.

I particularly like this last picture before it shows the entire table as well. Too bad I had some camera stuff on the table or not it would be much better.

The food arrived just in the nick of time as we were all getting hungry. First to come was the Duck Confit Salad that the birthday girl ordered.

Looks good right. I was drooling over it. This is what the rest ordered. As a word of warning you better get a ready a bip to wipe up the drool.

After dinner we come to the main attraction of the evening which is of course the birthday song. Most people who know me knows my favourite line during birthday party. "What is a birthday without a birthday cake and a birthday Song?"

Yes I know it was suppose to be Elayne's Birthday and we celebrated Sue Ann's birthday a couple of weeks before. However we didn't get her a cake or a birthday song. So we are making up for that bit of forgetfulness this time around.

Had to sing 2 songs one each for the birthday girls.

We actually got both girls to take the candle out with their mouth and Sue Ann was super lighting fast and I never got my camera ready in time. However at least I got the picture of the VIP doing it.

We also ordered some extra cakes to be shared around. If anyone of your are in Alexis, you got to try the brownies. They are extremely good with the ice cream as well. Drool

Once again another successful birthday celebration and next celebration will be for the rare dugong. Guess that time he has not choice but to make a grand appearance.

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