20 September 2010

Heritage Hotel, Cameron Highlands

While we were at Cameron Highlands on our little road trip, we stayed at Heritage Hotel Tanah Rata. Now the stupid thing about this story is that I accidentally booked the wrong hotel. Initially we wanted to book Equatorial Cameron Highlands. However I don't know why I was so blur that day and I booked Heritage Hotel instead.

The hotel looks pretty nice from the outside, kinda like a old English building. However most hotels in the Cameron Highland kinda looks like old English buildings.

The hotel wasn't fantastic but it wasn't that bad as well. It was kinda a little old and we couldn't switch to the newly renovated room as we booked the cheapest room available. The room was pretty big but maybe the carpets need a little bit more vacuuming. The TV reception wasn't fantastic as well. 

However we shared the same hotel as Gerakan leader Dr Koh Tsu Koon. When we first arrive at the hotel, our room wasn't ready and while waiting at the lobby I caught sight of a guy that looked like him from the back. We finally found out Gerakan was having an AGM in the hotel and we saw him again in the flesh during breakfast. He is quite un-assuming and didn't even see any bodyguards around.

The hotel had 4 "towers" which you could climb and I actually climb 2 of them it was pretty tiring.

One of the towers that I climb was facing toward Brinchang town and it had great views of the forest areas. I had to climb 3 flights of stairs and I did it twice for the first tower. We got back from breakfast and I decided to take a walk. Didn't bring my camera on my first climb and when I saw the fantastic views, I had to run back to get my camera.

The other tower I climb was facing to towards Tanah Rata town.

Overall I think Heritage Hotel is not too bad, it is actually within walking distance to Tanah Rata town. We made the track a couple of times and it is pretty clean-ish. However maybe the 200 bucks price tag per night was a little steep. We got out hotels in Langkawi for only 135 per night and it also included breakfast. Maybe the newly renovated rooms will be much nicer.

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