27 September 2010

View of Cameron Highlands

On the way down towards Ringlet, you will pass by some fantastic views of the Bharat Tea Plantation. This place is always packed and I feel it is more packed then the Boh Tea Plantation. They actually now have 2 places which are pretty close to each other. It is more accessible compared to the Boh Tea Plantation since it is just off the main road.

It has got fantastic views of their plantation.

This is the first couple of times my panoramic photos actually worked. So here are some panoramic photos of the Bharat Tea Plantation.

There are also alot of vegetable plantations around and this time I decided to take a different view of the vegetable plants.

This goes to show that not everything in life is always fine and dandy. This time around we took a very slow drive down from Cameron Highlands. It was also because I was getting loads of work calls and driving down from Cameron Highlands and talking on the phone is not an easy task. We stopped by the road at one of the places and while I took my call Amy went snapping.

After I finish off my work I also went snapping.

We had a great time at Cameron Highlands and now we have to bid it farewell and head on to our next destination which is Penang.

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