08 September 2010

So very cute

I have to say I have had the pleasure to meet and talk to many cute girls in my life. Not bragging here but maybe just a little lar. However I had the pleasure to meet this So very Cute girl. She already broke my heart and she undoubtedly can, will and should break hearts of any other guys around her. Well I will let you be the judge then you let me know.

How can you say no to that pretty little thing? Look at how big her eyes are and I was told by Amy she has superbly long eye lashes as well. NO PEOPLE I AM NOT A PEDOPHILE!! I already cannot handle Amy, what makes you think I can handle another? Haha

Back to the topic. So anyway this little cute girl is actually Ee Von's niece. Apparently Ee Von told us that she talks alot but when we met her, she was kinda a little shy lar. Maybe because she say such a handsome one eye cyclops in front of her with a weird thing that throws flash up once in a while. Haha.

Well this is one of the first few kids that took one look at me and never cried. So I would assume my one eye cyclops face is better then my own face. I had the opportunity to take a couple more pictures.

Ain't she the cutest little thing you have ever saw? Now comes to my favourite picture of this series.

Do not focus only one her big eyes staring into the camera. Look beyond that and look at Ee Von's face. Doesn't she almost look like the mum of these baby? If I didn't know better I would say this baby belongs to Ee Von. Ee Von I think you are ready lar. Where are all the good guys? If you  want someone's number. I got it, let me know. :)

Dun worry Ee Von I will filter out first, I would not let any drooling, langsat face people get pass my stringent filter. Haha


  1. pls describe how someone with a langsat face looks. *rotfl*

  2. Uh hard to say man. Only Ee Von saw it. However just imagine a super perverted face eating langsat. Haha