23 August 2010

Imitating the Best

Disclaimer: Before you read this blog, please ensure that you are seated properly on your chair. Make sure you butt crack is right in the middle of the chair so as you will not fall off your chair. If you cannot control your laughter and you are in the office please make sure you tape your mouth shut. The author of this blog post is not responsible for any injury suffered related to reading this blog and for getting fired after reading this blog.

In Malaysia we are always being bombarded by all kinds of imitation goods. We have imitation shirts, shoes, handbags, dvd, etc. This weekend I saw the worst type of imitation. It is totally despicable because it is plainly obvious the original was way much better then the imitations. Now to show you the original.

You might have seen it from my previous blogs. Now here come the most despicable form of imitation. This truly cannot be tolerated and the government should clam down and clam down hard on these imitators.

I mean what is Malaysia coming to when such bad imitations are allowed to run wild around Malaysia. Truly despicable act which should not be tolerate. 

Now at a request of some people, they would want to know who is the best "Ma Lau" so to speak. So here are the contenders...

To protect the identity of the competitors no names will be given. 
" Ma Lau No 1" (Original)

"Ma Lau No 2"

"Ma Lau No 3"
"Ma Lau No 4"
"Ma Lau No 5"

"Ma Lau No 6"

"Ma Lau No 7"

"Ma Lau No 8"
Please vote for the best Paul Frank face and I will telly the results at the end of the week. The poll system is on the left side of the main page. Hope you have not been fired or ROTFL in the office or at home. By the way I found out the voting system only allows you to vote if you are signed into Google. So if you do not have an account please just leave a comment.

19 August 2010

Beer, Friends and Vinegar

There is nothing better then to spend time drinking....

While eating..


Nowadays with all our busy schedules sometimes it is just good to kick back, have some beers and cakap kosong with some good company. That is what we did a couple weeks back at Sid's @ Bangsar South. It was an ad-hoc meeting and we just decided after a stressful day at work, some alcohol in the system will be good for all of us.

We all had a great time just chatting and talking about or daily lives and of course my camera was happy snapping away. Starting to like to take people pictures.

I think this is a fantastic picture of Kel and I think he could have gone to be in a Guinness advert. However...

Right after I took that picture he malu pulak. On the other hand we got another friend which has completely no shame what so ever...

If you think that is bad. Wait for it, Wait for it.....

Still Wait a little more. Trust me it will be worth your wild. Make sure you are firmly seated on your chair to avoid any injuries.

Wait for it...

Told ya it was good right. Hope you didn't fall of the floor and begin ROTFL. I decided to do some artistic shots but after Michelle's impression of Paul Franks she was quite malu already.

Nothing really special right? However wait till you put a pretty lady in the picture.

Changes the whole picture doesn't it? Makes it a masterpiece. It would look as if that someone in the group also has an artistic expression. The follow set of pictures were not taken by me.

Check out that expression man. You might think that is priceless until....

Do not ask me what I was talking about with so much passion until both hands also up. Good capture of expression.

The last set of pictures were actually taken by Miss Teo Ee Von. *clap on back* quite artistic some of the pictures.

18 August 2010

Putrajaya the administration Capital

Putrajaya is the administration Capital of Malaysia. Most of the goverment departments have shifted there to reduce the congestion in the city. It is a very fantastic place to go around to shoot pictures. Once you enter the Putrajay area, you suddenly feel that you are not more in Malaysia. Everything changes. The roads are better, the street lamps, dustbins and road barriers look different.

Once we decided to head there with our cameras to do some "exploring". We started our journey at one of the biggest roundabout I have ever seen. Most of the times people come here to take pictures of the beautiful bridges and also goverment buildings. This time we decided to do something different.

Right in the middle of the roundabout there is a huge Malaysia flag. Had to be patriotic and take a picture of the flag.

Now for a little bit of photography trickery.

Both pictures above where taken at 12pm in the heat of the day as evident from the position of the sun. Sometimes photography is all about use what you have to create the shot you want.

Everything looks very mechanical and constructed by humans. However there are some natural sights in Putrajay as well.

We shot from the afternoon till the night and the sights are completely different from each other.

Last but not least is a building picture.

It is the most expensive building in the area. Any idea why? Well because it is the Ministry of Finance. Haha