05 August 2010

When Day turns to night

I have been pretty fortunate in my job being able to travel to many overseas destination. One of my travels took me to a place which I do not particularly like. I have been there many a times but never really liked the places at all. However this time I was put in Concorde Lafayette and it overlooks a part of Paris City.

It had a pretty nice sight and on the first day we arrived there it was gloomy. We arrived early in the morning and it was raining and gloomy. We had nothing to do but to stay in the hotel so I took this.

Initially we were suppose to setup our stuff in the afternoon but it got delayed to the night. So we walked around a little and by the time we were done with the setup it was pass 9pm. We had dinner and went back to the hotel to rest and I managed to take this.

Then it struck me, that I could do something cool about this picture. I decided to entitle this picture When Day Turns To Night. Chewah like some artist konon. Haha.

I was quite lucky with this picture. It was taken a 2 different times and from slightly different positions. I didn't think of doing this picture at the time so I didn't think of positioning the camera at the exact place. However after some manipulating i managed to make it work. Hope you all like my "art work". Haha.


  1. Thank you. Should try it in Malaysia. Unfortunately i do not live in a high rise. Maybe when your place is done.

  2. You're welcome to photograph the "unblocked" view from my balcony. :)

  3. Haha! nice! But i like the night picture, because Paris is definitely more lovely and inviting at night :)

  4. Steph: Will for sure take up your offer.

    V: Night and day shows 2 different sides of Paris.

    Aaron: Thanks dude. That is a compliment since I am never an artistic person. Haha

  5. engineers are never artistic.....simple as....lol...but i'll give ya credit for this piece ;)

  6. HAhaha. That is why we choose to be engineers. Thanks man