18 August 2010

Putrajaya the administration Capital

Putrajaya is the administration Capital of Malaysia. Most of the goverment departments have shifted there to reduce the congestion in the city. It is a very fantastic place to go around to shoot pictures. Once you enter the Putrajay area, you suddenly feel that you are not more in Malaysia. Everything changes. The roads are better, the street lamps, dustbins and road barriers look different.

Once we decided to head there with our cameras to do some "exploring". We started our journey at one of the biggest roundabout I have ever seen. Most of the times people come here to take pictures of the beautiful bridges and also goverment buildings. This time we decided to do something different.

Right in the middle of the roundabout there is a huge Malaysia flag. Had to be patriotic and take a picture of the flag.

Now for a little bit of photography trickery.

Both pictures above where taken at 12pm in the heat of the day as evident from the position of the sun. Sometimes photography is all about use what you have to create the shot you want.

Everything looks very mechanical and constructed by humans. However there are some natural sights in Putrajay as well.

We shot from the afternoon till the night and the sights are completely different from each other.

Last but not least is a building picture.

It is the most expensive building in the area. Any idea why? Well because it is the Ministry of Finance. Haha

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