02 August 2010

When we were crazy

There was one period of time a couple years back, we were actually photography mad. We would go from one place to another to another. This particular time we went from Central Market Area to Dataran Merdeka to KLPac and ending up at Berjaya Time Square for drinks.

We started the day around the central market area walking around taking the streets buildings and some "wall covering"

After walking around we were lost at where to go so we looked for some help

We decided to head to Dataran Merdeka. This is actually the first time I was at Dataran Medeka with my camera and there are alot of interesting sights around the area.

I actually never knew the KL Library is around that area and we actually had a pretty good day as because we had some really nice blue skies. We walked back towards the central market area and I could not go through that area without taking one of the wonders in the world.

Did you know that KL is actually a special city? Most large cities in the world are historically built beside a body of water or along a river. However no many cities are built where 2 rivers join and KL is one of them. The picture above is the point where Klang River meets the Gombak River.
After lunch, we decided to head to a very beautiful place across the city in Sentul. This place is pretty secluded and the funny thing is that area around that place is nothing special and pop there is this beautiful place.

This place is a really nice place to walk around with a camera. The place is nicely manicured and the ajoining KLPac building, Japanese restaurant and lake is perfect for photography. I think it is still one of the best place to take photos. However unfortunately....

Unfortunately the whole Sentul Park is actually a private park belonging to YTL. If you walk around there long enough with a huge arse SLR, the guards will be on to you in a jiffy and yes we got the talking to unfortunately. They appeared from no where and we on our arse in no time. This is one of the last time I have been there with a camera. I think it is time to bend the law and head back there with my camera. Anyone feels like some law bending? :)

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