30 July 2010

Good food and Good Company

Most of us who are working sometimes just do not have the time or luxury to sit back and enjoy the simple things in life. We are too caught up with working and living up to expectation that we do not just enjoy ourselves. Last weekend Amy and I meet up with 2 good friends Veronica and Allan at 1Utama. V wanted to check out Amy's wide angle lens and well Allan was just along for the food and company. 

We settled ourselves into Oriental Cravings and since we didn't have any breakfast. I was famished. So much so I actually forgot to take pictures of the food. In any case recently I have been feeling that the pictures I take are uninspiring and not oomphh to it. Anyway I didn't get food pictures but I got some other pictures.

After we had our fill of pork, V wanted to test out the new lens and I needed more coffee. So we went to Obriens for one of my fav coffee the Irish Coffee. Yes it is not real Irish Coffee but it is as close as it gets without breaking the bank. They use fake syrup but taste pretty good for a black coffee.

Cannot go out with a 50mm lens without taking some people pictures. Hehe.

This time even I got into the cam whoring business and a special appearance from the person behind the camera. Haha.

Last but not least is of course the smile. The smile that breaks hearts. :)

I have to admit though that this wasn't taken by me. I have to give credit to V for taking this picture.


  1. that smile probably only melts your heart.....;)

  2. *Thumbs up to the lovely couple! XD BTW, I know why you IMMEDIATELY know that it is Thomas Sabo. Because Amy NEEDS a niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice charm bracelet hehehehe consider it a Merdeka day celebration gift. WHY NOT? ;p And speaking of which, I'm now really keen to get my paws on the 10-22mm LOL! But I think ah.... Can't get it in time for my Sept trips to BKK & Melb. Think I will borrow lor - either from Amy or my friend Kelvin..... saving up for my friend's wedding in Vancouver next Easter!! March!!!

  3. By the way, I look like AUNTY here hahahahaha!

  4. Haha. Wah V please stop being batu api. I am broke enough with the rock from the ground and planning expensive alot of ppl dinner. Dun need you to add anything else thnk you very much.

    Oh if u going to melb u need to buy one man. Trust me. Dun need to get Canon lar. Get the Tamron version. Good enough already trust me. Can fit into Full frame also