14 July 2010

How the World cup has affected everyone?

The World Cup was just over on Sunday and I never actually realised how the world cup affect things around the world.

The top 10 list in no particular order
  1. If you have gone to a shopping complex during the world cup season there will be no one
  2. There is nothing good to see on TV during the world cup season
  3. Mamaks all around Malaysia suddenly have bigger screens
  4. Business are giving alot of freebies to capture more patrons
  5. More illegal bookies are caught over the world cup season
  6. Million and Millions of people hate poor Paul the Octopus and want to chop him up and fry with ham tan
  7. More illegal money is washed through sport bookies
  8. More people are buying HD TV to see the telecast in HD
  9. Millions and Millions of money are lost and won over the world cup season
  10. Last but not least

Too funny not to show it. Haha


  1. One more thing you forgot:

    11)Those who believed, lurvees Paul the Octopus.


  2. Haha. Those are only Spanish fans