06 July 2010

Weekend Go Wild

There was one time about 4 or 5 months back we were pretty crazy about our weekends. We were waking up early in the morning each weekend and doing something really productive. This particular weekend we decided to head to Batu Caves to become tourist and after that head to Jinjang area for apparently some fantastic fish head curry.

As usual our adventures begins with breakast. This particular morning we decided to have breakfast antGreen Leaf in SS 15 and the gang shows how much they looking forward to the steps at Batu Caves.

After breakfast we got into the car and drove all the way to Batu Caves. There weren't many people around because we were quite early. It looked like it was about to rain so first thing we did was climb the stairs. I have climed Batu Caves many times and it never ever gets easier. We were relieved when we arrived.

We walked around the temple and we met some very vicious monkeys. We actually saw them taking drink cans and knawing on them just to get to the little drinks inside them. We walked around a bit and head down again. We decided to do some cam whoring a bit before leaving.
I dunno why but Steph wanted to take some butt shots of them pointing at the big statue which I think represents one of the Hindu Gods.
Amy got bored and I actually challenged her to run pass a flock of pegions.

I swore she would get shat on by one but surprisingly she didn't, however I think the pegion had a delayed effect and one of them actually dive bombed me. Lucky it didn't hit me but it actually glanced the side of my camera bag.

It was still way too early to head to lunch so on the way to Jinjang we decided to stop over at the Kepong Metropolitan Park. I have passed this place quite a few times before and during the evening, alot of people come to this park to fly kites. I have been meaning to come to this place for a while now and finally we got the chance. There was an observation tower there and somemore steps later we were at the top and guess what? Cam whore lor.

I decided to take some portrait pictures of the gang since there was some nice lighting and the weather was nice and cool. It actually drizzled a little here and there as well.

I think it was the influence of being in Batu Caves that Mark and Amy decided to go Bollywood on a ladder.

We walked all the way down and Steph got a great idea of everyone at the bottom and taking a photo from the top. Unlucky for me, I was the designated photographer and I had to run all the way up to get this.

I dunno what I said but it sure made Amy laugh her head off. While I was up there I decided to take some artistic shots as well.

After all the climbing stairs we got really hungry and using Mark's GPS, we tracked down the restaurant in Jinjang. It was pretty funny because the row of shops was actually right smack in the middle of a housing area. There were houses every where and pop in the middle there is a row of shops and a restaurant there. What was even funnier is the place looked like a mamak, as dirty as a mamak, smelt like a mamak but it was runned by a chinese family. The curry fish head was pretty good and we were joined by Bee Chin who also followed her GPS from her work place.

After lunch we didn't want to go back and I remembered my mum telling me there is a Royal Selangor Pewter factory around the area where they actually conduct tours around the factory. Again using Mark's GPS we decided to head to the Royal Selangor Pewter factory. The GPS took us through some really really really kampung roads but we did finally get there.

The tour was actually pretty interesting and it showed the benefits of pewter and a few methods of making the pewter. Steph and Mark went all 60s and changed to the appropriate costumes.

We walked around the place checking out what they can make from pewter

This is actually the wall of fame. The hand prints are actual hand prints of workers who have worked with Royal Selangor. You can only get a customised pewter if you have worked for them for 10 years or more.