02 July 2010

How do you know you are nerd/geek?

There has always been segregation through the world between the nerd/geek/people who get bullied from the cheerleader/football star/jerk/bitch. This is a how to know if you are a nerd or a geek.

1. You see a fan that is rotating and since you are hot you try to fix it to only face one direction

2. You realised it doesn't work and you go back to tell your friends

3. Knowing other geek/nerds are lazy people and usually build a backdoor for themselves, you try again.

4. You wear a super orange shirt with barcodes and you think it is the coolest shirt
5. You plot how to make your name into a barcode

Oh yea I know, I have been a geek/nerd all my life. Lucky I never got beaten up in school for being one. Have to be street smart also right?


  1. "Be nice to geeks, you might end up working for one." - Bill Gates

  2. Yea I do not think I am one of those geeks what will own a company. Haha

  3. You never know...:)

    Don't forget me when you're famous!!!

  4. HAhahaha. Well you all will be invited to my mansion for Jason Ting day and Thriller. Haha