13 July 2010

KL Walkabout

Nowadays I am getting so lazy. My camera is sitting in my dry box gathering dust. I only take it out for like holidays and seldom make planned photography trips anymore. A couple of years back, we used to go out shooting every weekend. I had 2 colleagues (1 Nikon user and 1 Sony user). We used to bash each other systems while walking about taking pictures.

One of the trips we went crazy. We started out in the morning at Bukit Jalil Park. There are many parks around the Bukit Jalil area but this in particular is near to Asian Football Association. We all gather at my colleague's place at Arena Green where I saw this cool shot.

Once we all gathered we went to the park to get some pictures of flowers.

While hanging around this flower area we caught sight of a big beetle moving from one flower to the other. I still remembered I had my macro lens trying to focus on the bugger flying around. My pathetic tries to shoot the beetle.

I think I shot something like 50 shots just to get the 3 not so focused pictures above. Once we were done with the park, we went to KL to the main train station. That was our original plan. We actually went to the park last minute because my colleague at the time was macro crazy.

We as usual instead of contributing to global warming we decided to be tree hugging hippies and take public transport.

We decided to get off at central market and walk towards the train station. On the way at least can take some photos as well.

It was a quite nice day in KL as the sun was out, the sky was blue and it wasn't hazy like it normally is in KL. We finally reached KL Train station and we spent a good 2 or 3 hours walking around taking pictures.

On the way back I spotted this very itchy leg person.

What is cool is that the 2 bolts are at the right place somemore. Time to plan more photography outings so that mushrooms do not grow on my camera.

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