09 July 2010

Difference in Time

I have had many a photography trips to KL around the Bukit Bintang area with my colleagues. I even remember one time while walking on Jln Sultan Ismail a chinese uncle came up to me and ask me if I wanted services of a young girl.

Towards the end of last year De Way asked me to go to KL for a evening to dusk to night shoot. Now I never been in KL just for photography at night. Usually we are just too worried we will get mugged or something. However this time we had 4 burly men and 2 manly tripods.

We all decided instead of driving down we will take public transportation and we started our journey at the favourite spy spot.

We thought we could get some NY or Japan style intersection with a million people walking around when the lights turn red. However we didn't get as many people but have to do lar. This place is actually on the KL Monorial station itself. We where there for a good hour or so. I actually wanted to catch some really contrasting shadows and light patches as the sun goes down and the shadows of the buildings get more pronounced. However the position was not fantastic as the sun was setting at a wrong angle.

As we left our perch it started to get darker and the lights of the city started to turn on. This is the time where it gets very contrasty especially the skies.

We started to walk towards Pavilion shopping center. I walked towards Pavilion before but never actually noticed many of the buildings around. Maybe most of the time I am just trying to get out of the sun into AC.

Pavilion was nicely litted up and because it was nearing Christmas they had alot of Christmas decorations up as well.

I was surprised while walking down this side of Pavilion we didn't get chased by any security guards. This place has been a very good hunting ground for me when it comes to photography. Been there quite a few times and one time we actually got chased away by the security guards because we were loitering around there too long.

We got hungry and proceeded to Food Republic for some decent food.

With our tummies filled, we went back out and walked back towards the Bukit Bintang intersection. It actually started to rain as we reach the intersection and we had to get some quick shots before calling it a day.

It was quite a fun night out and no one got mugged. Time to plan for another one. What you say De Way? :)


  1. It is time indeed. Not forgetting jungle trekking also =) real soon, want?


  2. Deway: dude lets plan for a trekking trip soon. I think it is about time. Need to go get some leach socks. My camare also rotting.

    Steph: thanks time to get slr. Hehe