11 July 2010

Getting up close and personal

There is one part of photography that I never can really do well. The reason for this is because I am never a steady guy. My hands shake like I got Parkinsons and I think my cochlear is broken because I can never trully balance myself. However it is sometimes nice to get up and personal with you subject

It is of course easier to do macro photorgraphy on flowers. The reason for that is of course they do not move as much as insects and animals. With a decidated macro lens you can really get in close to your subject.

The crazy thing about macro is that the lens can really capture alot of details and very much more so compared to non-macro lens.

The picture above doesn't look anything special. However using a macro lens, you can actually do this.

You can see how much details a macro lens can capture and if you get right with a tripod the result are surprising.

To do macro on insects, make sure you pick a very slow moving insect.

Trying to shoot macro on flying animals is one the hardest thing to do. Usually by the time you get any where close to them they would have just flown away. However once in a while you can get lucky

Once in long long long long long while you get really lucky and you get something that usually flies away when you get within 2 meters of them.

I think the guy must have just had a big meal. Could not fly away. Haha

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