04 July 2010

Beautiful Flowers

One of the hardest thing about photography is to represent nature from your own prespective. Why I say it is hard is because the camera doesn't have the capability of our eye. What we see is not what you can get from your camera.

One of the most beautiful things you can take pictures of are flowers.

The thing about flowers is that they come in all kinds of shapes and most important all kinds of vibrant colours.

Now speaking of beautiful flowers, on the same trip when I took pictures of these flowers, I also took some pictures of different types of beautiful flowers.

Of course not to be forgetting my lovely fiancee Amy

It was a great trip other then one stupid movie. I think it is time to make another trip back. So what say you girls?


  1. There is no such thing as no time. It is up to you to make time.

  2. yeah...too little time but i really miss those days hanging out with my crazy yet awesome frens!! =)

  3. Haha. Yea those were good times. It was fun. I am sure we can go again during one of the weekends