29 July 2010

Sense of Humour

No matter how old/mature you get, you need to always keep your sense of humour. After all laughter is still the best medicine and it is true. The more you laugh the younger you are. I was walking through a parking lot recently and I saw this.

Nothing really fantastic right? Looks like a plain old speaker to tell idiots they are idiots for parking like idiots. Unfortunately most of the time the idiots who are idiots because they park like idiots are too idiotic that they do not listen to the announcement. Anyway I digress.

Someone was thinking that this poor speaker which sits 24/7 in a parking lot with all the dust and haze and smog that the cars are producing needs a little help. He/She is such a kind samaritan to do this...

Haha. You always have to keep your sense of humour about you. If not then life will just be plain boring. :)