28 January 2010

Everyone should be more Vigilant

Just before i start, i am going to say this has nothing to do with the recent robbings and snatch thief and all that. What i am trying to say is that if we are more vigilant in everything you do, you get to see things which makes you wonder, "WHAT THE!!!"

For example i was reading my email.......

Looks nothing special right? Normal looking screen from gmail. However just as i was about to minimize the window i caught something interesting right at the corner of my eyes.

I didn't know that KOH's were being sold all over the world especially China. Wonder how much they fetch? I know a few KOH's which won't suspect anything if i sold them. Hahahahahha

26 January 2010

Mangkuk-Itis (From the Archive)

Note: Elements of vulgarity in the coming post. If you have not come of age, skip this post and read the next one.

Not to long ago we established a group among ourselves. Do not worry it is not some fanatically religious group or any political party or anything. Basically it is a group of thick skin, loud laughing, cam whoring people. Everytime the group gathers, there will be lots of laughs, lots of camera flashes, alot of people speaking loudly and you can be rest assured the topic of shit and toilet will come out for sure.

So let me introduce everyone to the president and founder of the Mangkuk-itis group....

Followed by the member of this crazy group staring with the Vice President (person who came up with the name), the resident angry person, our resident chef, our official photographer and finally artist who suppose to come up with the logo.

The picture of our Artist is provided by our official photographer De Way. There are many more who has joined the group over the years which i do not have their photos at the moment. I am sure i will be posting pictures of the other member in the coming future. Anyway back to the topic. One of the favourite pass time of the group is to cam whore....

The Girls trying to enact the whole Sex in The City Thing

Combination of Toyota What a feeling and Ralph Lauren Background

The girls trying to be all sophisticated

The Girls trying to be cheeky

The guys Speak No Evil, Hear No Evil and See No Evil

The guys could not tahan already so they decided to turn on each other to put each other out of their misery

Most important thing about all our outings is that a group picture must be taken no matter what. It is considered sacrilegious to not take a group picture at least ones during our meetings.

25 January 2010

Michelle's Bday celebration @ MidValley

The new year has come and gone and that means its Michelle's birthday again. It it either Michelle hasn't learnt or she just love me singing the birthday song loud loud in a nice restaurant. This time we had dinner at delicious MidValley.

I kinda forgot to take most of the food pictures because everyone was hungry and the food came at different times. I was also busy stuffing myseld with the great food. Anyway what is a birthday without the birthday girl?

And of course her friends....

We ate, we joked and we laughed and we talked until our hearts content and finally comes the part we are all were eagerly waiting for( Well at least it was waiting for it. I think Michelle wasn't). The birthday cake and the birthday song.

Michelle was so happy with the cake we got for her and the song we sang for her that she was smilling ear to ear.
As usual we all had to have the standard group pictures and as usual i decided to be non standard.
After diner we all went to see Legion which i can say is about the dumbest movie of the new year. It almost made no sense and there was hardly much action in the movie. To vent out our anger about the crap movie, we decided to drown it out with some booze at Zouk Cafe The Gardens.
Suffice to say the girls were happy once again and we had a great night. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MICHELLE. Hope you enjoyed yourself.

More pictures if can be found here.

PS: If you think your silly mug does not appear in this post enough. Next time sit opposite me. Hahahah

Smoked Salmon

Ever since i started studying overseas i realised that it is extremely expansive to have hot food like char kuay teow and chicken rice for lunch. The normal accepted "cheap" food is sandwiches and if you are a girl then maybe salad. I can never sustain myself on salad. It was lucky i picked up the habit because it saved me quite some money when i traveled for work especially in the european countries.

This weekend me and Amy decided to try our hands out to make some Smoked Salmon sandwiches. I introduced Smoked Salmon sandwiches to Amy while we were on holiday in Australia and since then she has gone Smoked Salmon crazy.

After some time washing and prep-ing the ingredients, here i present to you our own version of the smoked salmon sandwich. It taste pretty good but i think the smoked salmon sandwich at The baker @ Curve is still better. Need to find out what they put in their secret sauce.

24 January 2010

Premium Number plates

We all know the number plate market is kind of a crazy thing. People will pay massive amounts of money just for the number 8 or 88 or 888 or 8888. Not only that people alos jostle for the letters like WTF, JAY, MAY etc etc.

However i think no number plate is more cool then this.....

I wonder how many generations have this number plate been passed down. That is a trully malaysian number plate.

22 January 2010


I was born a Malaysian and I think i will always be a Malaysian. No matter where i go in the world i will still defend Malaysia as it is my home country. When i am abroad and do something stupid or bend the law, i will say i am Singaporean. When i do some good and to be proud of i say i am Malaysian.

However much i love Malaysia, it is unfortunate that it is run by a bunch of idiots who spend 50% of the time trying to swindle our hard earned money, 25% of the time trying to cover their arse from being poked by the next person, 24% of the time trying poke the next person in the arse an only 1% trying to help the nation.

As a result this is what we get.....

Come on how stupid can you get when you designed this sign? The guy who did this sign must have been drunk out of his arse or just plain being dumb. Bare in mind this is actually a sign at a T junction. If i am looking for the exit i will still be confused after seeing this sign. This is as good as asking me to go straight. Idiots.

21 January 2010

First Real Post

Okay here goes my first real post after so many months and days. I will start off my blog in the 2010 with a travel blog. Recently we decided to head down to Melaka for a very short weekend holiday. Amy was being her sadistic self and she wanted to go and see Tortura 2.

Were were blessed with good skies

Basically it is a exhibtion about medieval torture devices. I never knew there were so many ways to torture a human and some includes cutting of women's breast and pushing a stick thru the anus. I left the exhibition pretty much scared for life seeing how medieval people can be such sadist.

Now on to the good part. No visit to Melaka is complete without the festing of Chicken Rice Ball and Durian Cendol. Uh sorry people since this is my first real post forgot to take pictures of the food. They were devoured by Amy as soon as it came. :)

We decided to talk a stroll up the famous fort for some picture taking

Window to the world

Recurring patternsWarning do not enter

We also walked down to the standard round about area and instead of taking the standarad shots i tried something different this time. I put on my telephoto lens and went nuts.

Odd one out (can you spot it?)

Red in front of blue always works

Never one for arts

I took this picture while waiting for my Durian cendol

I guess a trip is never complete without some camwhoring as De Way likes to put it. So here it goes.

The lovely Amy KohKelvin Choo who is my cousin drooling over a SLR

Never a straight face

Phew man that was a tough post. Have to get back into the routine of this blogging thing. Hope you all enjoyed it. Stay tuned for more crap from the Hog.