26 January 2010

Mangkuk-Itis (From the Archive)

Note: Elements of vulgarity in the coming post. If you have not come of age, skip this post and read the next one.

Not to long ago we established a group among ourselves. Do not worry it is not some fanatically religious group or any political party or anything. Basically it is a group of thick skin, loud laughing, cam whoring people. Everytime the group gathers, there will be lots of laughs, lots of camera flashes, alot of people speaking loudly and you can be rest assured the topic of shit and toilet will come out for sure.

So let me introduce everyone to the president and founder of the Mangkuk-itis group....

Followed by the member of this crazy group staring with the Vice President (person who came up with the name), the resident angry person, our resident chef, our official photographer and finally artist who suppose to come up with the logo.

The picture of our Artist is provided by our official photographer De Way. There are many more who has joined the group over the years which i do not have their photos at the moment. I am sure i will be posting pictures of the other member in the coming future. Anyway back to the topic. One of the favourite pass time of the group is to cam whore....

The Girls trying to enact the whole Sex in The City Thing

Combination of Toyota What a feeling and Ralph Lauren Background

The girls trying to be all sophisticated

The Girls trying to be cheeky

The guys Speak No Evil, Hear No Evil and See No Evil

The guys could not tahan already so they decided to turn on each other to put each other out of their misery

Most important thing about all our outings is that a group picture must be taken no matter what. It is considered sacrilegious to not take a group picture at least ones during our meetings.


  1. The girls trying to be cheeky picture has an order!!

    Short hair.
    Longer than short hair.
    Long hair.
    Longest hair.

  2. @Amy: *sweat*

    @Jason: wow, you used the word 'sacrilegious'! :P

  3. Steph: It is true what. What is a mangkuk outing without a group photo. Haha