22 January 2010


I was born a Malaysian and I think i will always be a Malaysian. No matter where i go in the world i will still defend Malaysia as it is my home country. When i am abroad and do something stupid or bend the law, i will say i am Singaporean. When i do some good and to be proud of i say i am Malaysian.

However much i love Malaysia, it is unfortunate that it is run by a bunch of idiots who spend 50% of the time trying to swindle our hard earned money, 25% of the time trying to cover their arse from being poked by the next person, 24% of the time trying poke the next person in the arse an only 1% trying to help the nation.

As a result this is what we get.....

Come on how stupid can you get when you designed this sign? The guy who did this sign must have been drunk out of his arse or just plain being dumb. Bare in mind this is actually a sign at a T junction. If i am looking for the exit i will still be confused after seeing this sign. This is as good as asking me to go straight. Idiots.


  1. Wahahaha! That's a good one! BTW, my blogs are: http://vronique.blogspot.com & http://lensowoman.blogspot.com :p follow me!

  2. hahahahahahahaahhaah!!!....woman! u rock with your idiots post!! *ROTFL*

  3. Thanks eveyr one. Yea V been looking at your blogpost once in a while. Hows Penang?

  4. Heya! penang's good - I'm staying at Fettes Park :) I have spare rooms, so if you don't mind the non-air/con room you are most welcomed to stay with me. But you must be driving coz my area is not exactly central..... :p bring a GPS if possible ehehe

  5. Hahahahaha. Thanks for the invite. For me no problem one. My bro also stays in Penang so can stay with him anytime.