31 May 2011

Best Algorithm you should know as a guy

This one is for all your geeks and programmers out there.

About a week ago one of my ex colleague posted on facebook for an algorithm (basically a code in geek speak) to how to understand women. So being the geek that I am I posted...

if (girl == angry)
        guy = wrong;
        printf("I am Sorry");

Quite easy to understand right even if you do not know programming. If you do not understand it, well leave a comment and I will explain it all. My ex colleague then proceed to say well it doesn't explain everything, it only explain when a girl = angry. What if she is not angry? So I said well there is a reason I didn't put in an else (in programming all IF statement should come with an ELSE statement) because girl always = angry and you will not know until it happens.

Then the geek brain in me starting to think how the heck do I put it into geeky terms. I mean most of my friends are nerds and geeks and they only know nerd and geek speak. So I cannot put it in layman term but must convert it to geek talk.

Over the weekend I finally thought about it and I realised that girl's emotions are basically like a buffer overflow. What is buffer overflow you ask? Well basically it is like a glass of beer, if you pour too much and too fast the head will over flow and you make a mess and who knows what your mates will ask you to do for wasting good beer. In simpler terms when a buffer overflows in a program, strange and unpredictable things happens.

This is the same thing like a girls emotions, most of the time it is strange and unpredictable. I had a converstation with some friend's a week back and there was this lady that said she always thinks left but points right. She thinks she is weird but I think that is normal for a girl. They always think one thing but does another and hope that you figure out what they thinking. If you don't then...


What happends next is very unpredictable as like I said above when buffer overflow happens strange and unpredictable things happens. So what do all guys do? Well go back to basics...
if (girl == angry)
        guy = wrong;
        printf("I am Sorry");

24 May 2011

Market Hall Makan Makan

We are all Malaysians, our national pass time is Makan First then jump queue in a traffic jam. So we spend most of our time looking for good food in Malaysia. The day after Sze Jean's ROM, we all re-gathered ourselves at Market Hall in Pavilion KL. Amy and I were early because we didn't want the hassle of looking for a parking spot. 

We went for some pre lunch drinks at coffee bean. While we were there Amy said she wanted a new portrait picture for her FB so I took some picture of my lovely fiancee and the light was just nice.

The light was filtering in from the huge front glass we were sitting at and it was perfect as it cast some shadows and texture to Amy's face. I can stare at those pictures all day and not get bored.

Once we were done with our coffee we went for second round a Market Hall on the top floor of Pavilion.

I instantly like this place just by looking at the decor. Check out what they use as lamps...

You have to say that it is a pretty cool lamp. Even the glass they use to serve water also super cool.

They also have an attached club or bar on the side called the bedroom. Very sexy and not Shy. :)

Majority of the seats as well as the table are wood and unpolished wood. I think this goes very well with the paint can lamp.

All the nice wood grain tables and chairs make it super irresistible not to take Black and White pictures. Now moving along to the people, before lunch was served I had nothing much to do other then well "try" to take some artistic shots.

Check it out man. Ever the boss pose

EV contemplating something. Hope it ain't about her blackberry

Try Try to do something interesting

Then the food arrived, first it was some appetizers which were pizza bread with some seriously good salsa sauce.

Then the food came thick and fast. I tried to be healthy and ordered the grilled vegetable sandwich and Amy had the smoked salmon sandwich.

The smoked salmon sandwich was much better then the grilled vege sandwich. They didn't put enough cheese into the grilled vege sandwich but the smoke salmon sandwich wasn't smoked enough. However they were still pretty good. After the eating there is pretty much nothing else to do other then "cakap kosong" and cam whore lor.

I am surprised that after all the food and the "cakap kosong" and the cam whoring the girls actually could still have desserts. So before we left the girls ordered some cakes but I was way to stuffed to the brim so just watch them eat lor and take some pictures.

EV can't waiting to dive it her favourite meal

Overall Market Hall is not too bad, the deco and feel of the place is top notch, the food to my taste is ok ok only. Nothing fantastic and the price well since it is in Pavilion it is a little on the high side. Each sandwich will cost you around 20+ bucks and the main meals are between 30-60 bucks depending on what your order. The ang moh guy that sat beside us order a plate of grilled prawns for appetizers and a plate of steam cod fish and it looked super good.

23 May 2011

Yay it is finally starting!!!

After many months of thinking, getting information, discussion, arguments and cold wars, all that comes down to today where it finally starts. As of 9 am today the biggest project in my life will start and this was what started it off.

Yup it is also the biggest payment I have ever done so far as well and that is RM33,300 bucks of my hard work for the past 6 years. I am just hoping that I took the right step towards the right direction. Will know in hopefully about 2 months time. I am actually getting excited about it and really looking forward to see the finish product in a couple of months time.

19 May 2011

May Madness

This month of May has been really crazy from me. I have been stressed in so many ways possible and it is not coming from work stress. Yesterday the stress level went up again as I was driving to Steph's place to go for tennis. I was like maybe 5-10 meters from turning into the Loong Fong junction heading towards Steph's place and then BANG! I got rammed up the butt again but this time by a Hyundai Matrix. Looks like my butt hole is getting bigger, first was a Myvi back in 2006 and 5 years later Hyundai Matrix pun masuk.

I do not know why but when I got out of the car I was surprisingly calm and didn't even scold or utter one word of profanity. I just looked at the car and told the guy well this is going to cost you. Last time I had this accident it cost 2k++ and then proceed to ask him how he want to settle it.

After much discussion we decided to settle it within ourselves and not going through the insurance thing. I thought that was all good but that is when the drama all started. After I called my parents, they asked me to go report to the police first. Then I sms-ed the guy who hit me and told him I will go report and he called me asked me not to report. In my mind I didn't want to report because it was a heck alot of work and for sure the guy will get a 300 bucks summon. Then called my parents and they won't accept it and there has been some grief between my parents and I about my house reno. So in the end I had to get the guys dad to call me all the way from China to tell me that he will pay me and finally everything sort of settled for now.

Funny thing about the Toyota is that it is really flimsy man. Every time someone bangs my rear end (no pun intended) the bumper basically pops out and the plastic will bend and stuff. Once the plastic is bent, the entire bumper needs to be replaced which sucks. The guys Matrix hardly had a scratch or even a dent. My car the bumper popped out, the read lights popped out, the rear sensor popped out, the boot lid was scratched a lil and the tail pipe chrome piece got bent.

Guess it is another trip to the workshop, I doubt I am going to send it to Toyota again. Later going to to the workshop to ask them what can be done and how much it is going to cost the other guy. Just hope that he is going to pay up in the end.

When the dad called me he said he estimated the damage to be 300 bucks and in my mind, I said good luck man. 300 bucks might not even cover the price of the replacement bumper. :)

18 May 2011

Wei Siang & Sze Jean's ROM

About a couple of months back I got a message on my Whatsapp from a number that is not registered in my phonebook. It was telling me how much she likes the photos I took for a friend's wedding in Singapore which I posted on FB and she wanted to know if I could shoot her ROM. After a skeptical reply from me, I finally found out was Sze Jean who asked me to take her ROM pictures. I was quite honored by the request and graciously accepted.

So on the 30th of April 2011, we woke up early and went to the Buddhist Association in Subang Jaya to attend and hopefully capture some good memories of the ROM with our camera. Before everything started, I decided to take some pictures here and there.

We had quite alot of time before the bride arrived and for the ceremony to start. I was lucky enough to talk to the person doing the registration as she told me how the Registration will happen and because of that I knew where I needed to stand to take the pictures. Took some group shots while waiting for the bride.

Lucky I also talked to Wei Siang and told him to notify me once Sze Jean arrives. It was a good decision as she arrived both of us walked out and no one really followed us. I managed to take some photos of the couple...

I also gave them a short briefing to tell them to slow things down. Usually the couple during their wedding/ROM day, they are very "Kan Cheong" and usually do things really fast. I told them to enjoy themselves and take things slowly. This will also allow me to take the pictures I need when the time comes. So first thing on the itinerary was the actually Registration. The registrar started off by reciting the "law" to the about to be newly weds.

Then they took their Vows...

Finally the moment everyone was waiting for and also the one time I told them to slow things down...

They did it well and the only problem I see here is Wei Siang's corsage a little terbalik already. I think it was jealous that is all. Next they proceeded with the blessing as well as praying for the newly wedded couple. This is where it got really interesting for me because there were quite a few things that I have not witnessed before.

First the monks were ushered into the hall and there they began giving their well wishes to the couple. Before they started praying they unrolled a piece of string and passed it among all the monks and then to the newly weds.

After they prayed for the couple, then they proceeded to bless the couple.


After all that is done it was group picture time...

In between the group pictures and lunch I did some portraits shots of the newly wed couple.

It was an honor to take Wei Siang and Sze Jean's ROM pictures. Hope I didn't screw it up too badly.