18 May 2011

Wei Siang & Sze Jean's ROM

About a couple of months back I got a message on my Whatsapp from a number that is not registered in my phonebook. It was telling me how much she likes the photos I took for a friend's wedding in Singapore which I posted on FB and she wanted to know if I could shoot her ROM. After a skeptical reply from me, I finally found out was Sze Jean who asked me to take her ROM pictures. I was quite honored by the request and graciously accepted.

So on the 30th of April 2011, we woke up early and went to the Buddhist Association in Subang Jaya to attend and hopefully capture some good memories of the ROM with our camera. Before everything started, I decided to take some pictures here and there.

We had quite alot of time before the bride arrived and for the ceremony to start. I was lucky enough to talk to the person doing the registration as she told me how the Registration will happen and because of that I knew where I needed to stand to take the pictures. Took some group shots while waiting for the bride.

Lucky I also talked to Wei Siang and told him to notify me once Sze Jean arrives. It was a good decision as she arrived both of us walked out and no one really followed us. I managed to take some photos of the couple...

I also gave them a short briefing to tell them to slow things down. Usually the couple during their wedding/ROM day, they are very "Kan Cheong" and usually do things really fast. I told them to enjoy themselves and take things slowly. This will also allow me to take the pictures I need when the time comes. So first thing on the itinerary was the actually Registration. The registrar started off by reciting the "law" to the about to be newly weds.

Then they took their Vows...

Finally the moment everyone was waiting for and also the one time I told them to slow things down...

They did it well and the only problem I see here is Wei Siang's corsage a little terbalik already. I think it was jealous that is all. Next they proceeded with the blessing as well as praying for the newly wedded couple. This is where it got really interesting for me because there were quite a few things that I have not witnessed before.

First the monks were ushered into the hall and there they began giving their well wishes to the couple. Before they started praying they unrolled a piece of string and passed it among all the monks and then to the newly weds.

After they prayed for the couple, then they proceeded to bless the couple.


After all that is done it was group picture time...

In between the group pictures and lunch I did some portraits shots of the newly wed couple.

It was an honor to take Wei Siang and Sze Jean's ROM pictures. Hope I didn't screw it up too badly.


  1. My friend, you give yourself too little credit LAH. These photos are worth keeping for generations and that says a lot!

    More photos like these please.

    Anon 1

  2. Well hope that is what the bride and bridgegroom says lor.

    I did my best I think and was pretty nervous when I downloaded it. Was hoping it was sharp. Haha

  3. Hi Jase, just 'discovered' this blog of yours.. Very impressive indeed! And I must say, WS and I are very happy with your photos and are very grateful for your hard work both during and after (with the editing, of course!)! The pictures are amazing and we really appreciate your time and effort.. Thanks so much once again and we are forever grateful for this! :)

  4. Now only you know? How did you see all our group pictures and all then?

    Anyway I had a great time and I have to save thank you for asking me to take the photos for your special day. It is goot that you and WS are happy about the pictures