06 May 2011

Beautiful Flyday

For the past say 3 or 4 weeks, it has been raining like mad at least at one point of the day. It not only rains but rains hard with thunder and lighting as well. It is well sort of my fault because about 3 weeks ago, went for a 3-4 hours karaoke session and then last week Maroon 5 was down in KL. I have been known to flood certain towns when I start singing.

However yesterday and today, it hasn't rained and while walking to work today from the car park I realised what a wonderful Flyday today is. Fantastic skies. Check it out.

Days like this I wished I was outside with my camera instead of having to go to office and be stuck in the office for 8 hours.


  1. I was stuck in KL Convention Centre from Thursday till today! >.<

    The repercussion of having beautiful blue skies like that is that it's hot as hell now!

  2. *Like Steph's comment*

  3. Oh yea man superbly hot couple of days. Looks like my singing has worned out. Haha