11 May 2011


We have been hearing and passing this dessert place in Empire Gallery for a while now. While walking past you can smell the beautiful aroma of coffee emanating from this place. It is a small little half a shop place at the lowest ground at Empire Gallery close to Jaya Grocer. Apparently they are very famous for their cakes and they also hand make macaroon.

We were hungry for some dessert so we decided to give it a go. As we were walking in, I saw a sign that says Toffee Nut Latte and I was instantly sold on the coffee.

Unfortunately the Toffee Nut coffee disappointed me very much. First thing first is the coffee wasn't hot but just lukewarm. That in itself is already very bad for a good cuppa coffee. It means they frothed the milk a while ago and when they made my cuppa coffee the milk already cooled down. I almost sent back the cuppa coffee just because it was not hot enough. Second thing that disappointed me is that the Toffee Nut was not actually infused into the beans but was via a syrup. This made the coffee a little too sweat for my liking. Overall I would have to say I was very disappointed with the coffee.

Amy wanted to order a cuppa coffee as well, however since it was already in the evening and she goes bonkers when she has coffee at night. I didn't allow her to have any coffee. So she went for a cuppa hot chocolate.

It was so so only as well if I can remember it correctly. Nothing super spectacular about it. I think it wasn't warm enough as well.

We also ordered a Grandma's Recipe Cake...

Now this didn't disappoint at all. It was good piece of cake and when I took a bite, I thought it was actually carrot cake. However Amy said it wasn't and on my second bite actually it was more like butter cake but the icing was the carrot cake cheese icing. Really good piece of cake I would have to say. Nice and moist but maybe a little too sweet. However I have been reducing alot of my sugar intake so maybe my taste buds is a little biased.

I like the decor of the place, they have made it to look like a small dessert place in the UK or Europe.

Check out the old school tiles man. Reminds me of my mum's old kitchen. Overall I would have to the say the drinks were disappointing by the cake was pretty good. Next time must go try the macaroon. The price was actually on the high side as our 2 cuppa drinks and cake cost us around RM30. My cuppa coffee was like 13 bucks or something.

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