27 December 2011

It is all fun and games until someone gets hurt

As most of you would have know, I have been working in KL City centre for just over a week now. I decided to give back what I have taken in the past 6 years of my working career. What I am talking about, well I have decided to give public transportation a go. 

What I have been doing for just little over a week is to drive from our place in Kota Kemuning to Taman Bahagia LRT station. From there, I would take the LRT to KLCC and from the KLCC stop I would walk about 15-20 min to my office. It has been great and I have to applaud RapidKL for doing a truly fantastic job with the LRT service. 

There is a train every 2 minutes or less and so far it has been crazily packed. This could be due to the school holiday and I may eat my words later when the new year school session starts. In any case, I have been parking at a mosque opposite Taman Bahagia LRT station. On my first trial run, my car was spotted by a fellow LRT taker and this was taken...

That happened 2 weeks ago when I did a dry run to see if I could get to work on time. I honestly didn't even see the freaking sign and the way the patch of road looked, it looked like people park there on a regular basis. However, thank my lucky stars that I never actually got denda 300 bucks for it. The person who spotted my car did however sent this picture to all my friends and we had a royal laugh at it.

Since I actually started working in KL city centre, I am now a regular at that place and the person who spotted my car on the first day has been telling me how I have been getting summons and all that. On Friday, as I got into my car, I spotted a piece of paper placed under my wiper. I didn't think it was a summon because it looked like it was hand written. I thought it was an angry resident trying to stake a claim to that parking spot. However when I read it, I burst out laughing...

It was an elaborate prank played on me by a prankster which has been telling me I already got summon and all. Finally I got a summon but it was written by the prankster himself. 

Today, the day started out like normal, I went to work and I parked my car where I normally parked. When I got back to my car, I saw a note slipped under my wiper and I thought oh man the prankster is at it again. His car was parked right behind mine. However when I got close, the paper doesn't look the same and guess what? Yup, you guessed it right, it is a bonafide summon from MBPJ.

On the bright side is the prankster also got a summon as well and we are going to drown each others sorrows tomorrow by going for some happy hour. I asked him how many has he gotten in the 2 years he parked there. To my surprised, he said it was the first one. Guess Christmas came late for the both of us. Hehe

Phuket Sunset

The first time I was in Phuket with the guys, we only managed to catch the sunset on one occasion because the rest of the time we were in Phuket town shopping or doing something else. However this time since we didn't have a car we didn't travel out of Patong beach and managed to catch the sunsetting each and every day.

On each day, the colours of the sunset was totally different. The first day, there was also a cruise ship that dropped anchor just off Patong beach.

The pictures above where when the sun was just about to go behind the horizon. It gives some nice colours but the magic comes after the sun has gone down. This is when the colour blends from warm to cool.

On the first sunset we witness, it was a nice and clear sky and there wasn't a cloud to be seen. Lucky the next day we got some clouds hanging around and the view is completely different to the day before.

The first picture is again as the sun is going down and the second picture is where the sun has down way below the horizon. This is when it is best to shoot as the sun is less harsh and the rays just hit the clouds oh so beautiful. 

Just taking the sunset without putting things into context is boring. When you have sun and sea and a beach, you will of course have boats. This adds some nice details to the pictures.

The sunset in Phuket is absolutely gorgeous. It is something not to be missed when travelling to Phuket.

20 December 2011

Phuket second installment Part 1

Yea I know I just finished my previous Phuket trip blog and here comes more of Phuket. The first trip was an all batang trip with Jack, Chong and Allan but this time it is with my dear wife. All of you must be wondering why the heck Phuket again. Well we wanted to have a relaxing holiday without too much travelling and walking around. The only 2 places we could think of was Phuket and Bali. We ended up choosing Phuket.

This time instead of driving we took an Airasia flight to Phuket. We decided to head there early and have some lunch there. Nothing much to eat other then some sandwich.

I got kinda bored waiting for the boarding time so did some other photo shooting as well....

After a while finally they called our flight and surprisingly, it was on time and it took off on time as well.

We arrived at 1 something in the afternoon Thailand time and we decided to save some money by taking the mini bus instead of taking a cab. The cab will cost us 600 baht for the entire car but the mini bus cost us only 300 baht. The only problem with taking the mini bus is that you have to wait till they have enough passengers and about 10 min out of the airport, they stopped at the travel agent that operated the mini bus to sell you some package.

Lucky for us our hotel was the first at Patong beach and hence we got dropped of first. Once we got our room and put our luggage bags into the hotel room, we went out to get some lunch. Our first lunch in Thailand was....

Since Amy has yet to try the Samurai Pork burger, we decided to head to McDonald's which was only about 5 min walk from the hotel. Phuket is so full of Ang Moh that at McDonald's they have....

Seriously what is the difference between American Ketchup and normal Tomato Ketchup? We ordered nothing other then...

After lunch, we head back to the hotel, changed and went to the beach for some sun, sea and rest and relaxation. Ah that is the life, doing nothing but getting a tan and once in a while heading to the sea for a cooling swim.

After the swim, we were hungry again and had nothing other then some Thai Food...

The food was superb and wasn't too spicy until same the Som Tam. It was the last to come and man it was spicy. The lady asked if we wanted spicy and I being the hero said yes. One bite and my lips and whole mouth was on fire! After a while we realised all the heat came from the chilli seeds. We took them out and it was so much better.

After dinner we were super full and waddled ourself to Hard Rock Cafe for some drinks and live band. Guess what? They still had the bikini contest on and I suspect it is on everyday. We got a seat a bit far back and Amy was saying, where can see from here, lets move further up. It was all for this one lady...

Second lady from the right and she had a really tight arse again. Even Amy felt like slapping that arse. We were ogling at the ladies arse while drinking....

After great place to spend some quality time for some newly weds. There was a couple from South Africa partying at Hard Rock Cafe who was just married as well. The next couple of days is going to be nothing but sun, sea, food and relaxation.

12 December 2011

Banana Road Trip to Phuket Final Day

We woke  up on the final day bright an early because we have a long drive ahead of us. When I mean long drive I mean 14 hours drive from Phuket to Kuala Lumpur. I woke up and decide to have a look outside and again Phuket gave me a fantastic view.

Our gracious host Johann prepared breakfast for us and Allan specially requested for bacon this morning. We got bacon and feasted again on a fantastic breakfast.

Now that is what I call a fantastic breakfast. Simple and absolutely delicious, it was accompanied with some yogurt and also cereal and great coffee. We packed out stuff up and got ready to go. Before we did, I took one last shot of the view out of our window.

The first stop on our 14 hour trip back was a petrol station to top up on gas. This is the first time we fueled up in Thailand and man it is expensive. It is close to 3 bucks per liter and they had a whole load of choices. 

They have:
  • Vpower Diesel
  • FuelSave Diesel
  • FuelSave Gasohol 91
  • Vpower Gasohol 95
  • FuelSave Gasohol 95
I never knew there was such thing as Vpower Diesel and by the way Gasohol is fuel with a combination of Ethanol. We didn't really know which one to go for but we went for the safe option and not so expensive options which is the FuelSave Gasohol 95.

With the car fueled up, Allan suggest we should also fuel ourselves up with some Red Bull. So we got 3 bottles of Red Bull.

We also did a spot of cam whoring before we left...

We drove towards the border passing Krabi, Trang (we didn't get lost this time) and Phattalung. Just after Phattalung, we stopped for lunch. On the way up to Phuket, we saw this nice looking restaurant and we decided to check it out on the way back.

We had some Thai food again but this time we had:

  1. Pad Thai
  2. Thai Fried Rice
  3. Omelet
  4. Som Tam
  5. Deep Fried Catfish
It wasn't the best Thai food we had so far but the view was fantastic. Once we polish off lunch we had nothing much to do but too..

Finally we again set off for the border stopping one more time for some Thai Junk food just before reaching Sadao. After 9 hours on the road in Phuket we reached the border...

We said good bye to Thailand drove back into Malaysia. Another 5 hours on the road from Bukit Kayu Hitam and we finally ended up where it started which was Chong's place. Jack was gracious enough to pick Allan and I up and send us back to our respective homes.

It was one super great road trip and one of the best so far. Nothing can beat this 1800km trip from Kuala Lumpur to Phuket. The stories of our road trip will be told for many years to come. Thanks guys.