27 December 2011

Phuket Sunset

The first time I was in Phuket with the guys, we only managed to catch the sunset on one occasion because the rest of the time we were in Phuket town shopping or doing something else. However this time since we didn't have a car we didn't travel out of Patong beach and managed to catch the sunsetting each and every day.

On each day, the colours of the sunset was totally different. The first day, there was also a cruise ship that dropped anchor just off Patong beach.

The pictures above where when the sun was just about to go behind the horizon. It gives some nice colours but the magic comes after the sun has gone down. This is when the colour blends from warm to cool.

On the first sunset we witness, it was a nice and clear sky and there wasn't a cloud to be seen. Lucky the next day we got some clouds hanging around and the view is completely different to the day before.

The first picture is again as the sun is going down and the second picture is where the sun has down way below the horizon. This is when it is best to shoot as the sun is less harsh and the rays just hit the clouds oh so beautiful. 

Just taking the sunset without putting things into context is boring. When you have sun and sea and a beach, you will of course have boats. This adds some nice details to the pictures.

The sunset in Phuket is absolutely gorgeous. It is something not to be missed when travelling to Phuket.

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