05 December 2011

Amy and Jason Pre Wedding Part 3

Final part of our pre-wedding was Amy's idea which is some lalang shot. Joshua wanted to photographs us at some place in Putrajaya with lalang. By the time we finished UPM we have used up more then 5 hours of our package but Joshua still said lets go. We left UPM around 530pm and it would take about 20 minutes to get there. We ended at some cross junction behind JPN and we walked a bit and starting taking pictures. We started with some seating pictures.

The light was absolutely perfect when we started shooting. It was nicely filtered through the clouds and lighting up the lalang and us together. Joshua was so happy with himself and we were there just in time to catch the "magic light". 

Combination of superb lighting and artistic direction from Joshua we got some really good shots at the lalang area. We could only shoot for about 20 minutes and the light went all together. We were super tired by then and I was really glad that the pre-wedding shoot was over.

I had a great time and I think Amy had a good time as well. Joshua did a great job and I will recommend anyone looking for a good photographer to consider Joshua @ Inlight photos.

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