29 November 2011

Amy and Jason Pre Wedding Part 2

The second part of our pre-wedding shoot was the formal part where Amy was to wear her wedding dress and I was to wear my suit. We finally picked University Putra Malaysia as the place to shoot because it looked really nice and quite a few people have done it before. You will need to get approval from UPM to do the shoot and there is a charge imposed for it.

Initially I was thinking the place is so big and how would they know if you paid up or not. Not 5 minutes after we got on location one of UPM employees came and asked us for our permit. We showed it to him and he said he wanted a closer look to inspect the date. Apparently some wedding photographers have been cheating them by using the same letter over and over again.

One thing we never noticed about UPM in other people's pictures is the amount of cow DUNG there was around the place. I tell you, it was like a field of "land mines" and they were everywhere. Some of them were fresh but most of them were dried up.

We started the shoot with some of the more fragile props that we brought along. This set of props, I thought about 2 days before our pre wedding shoot. I had to go buy all the stuff from Sunway Pyramid before sending it to Amy for her to do. She got it done the day before the pre wedding shoot. I almost gave up on the idea when I could find the one most important thing. In a final last ditch effort, I decided to check out Daiso and to my amazement, they actually had it. So we got this for the pictures....

Basically we made Styrofoam hearts and arrows with Amy and my name on it. I had this whole cool idea where Amy would have half a heart and I would have the arrow to shoot at her heart. The colors stood out pretty well too. We had some real fun with it and I think Joshua did too.

After all the "shooting" we finally had a full heart shape as well.

Amy also brought a blanket and brought a Polaroid camera. We first did the "romantic" shot first on the blanket.

I have to say Amy looks absolutely stunning in the last shot and both Amy, Joshua and Leric really did a good job in the shot above. I think it is my fav shot of the day. We next again went a bit wonky with the Polaroid camera. 

We lingered around the first section for a bit longer taking some walking photos and some lalang shots as well. The walking photos were a bit of a toughie as we had to walk while looking at each other (not forward) while trying to avoid the "landmines". For me it is ok but for Amy with her dragging dress, not good.

Just as we were walking out of the first section, I had a brilliant idea of taking some photos on top of the white fence. Amy didn't want to take pictures along the fence because alot of people have done it. So we decided to go on top of the fence. At that point of time I thought it would be a good idea.

The pictures looked great until I decided hey, it would be even better if I had my legs on the fence...

It looked good except the fence was right between my butt cheeks and it was really hurting like heck. I had to control my face and Joshua was telling me don't worry the pictures will come out nice. Yea tell that to my butt crack. Hahaha.

We left the first section of UPM and headed to another place. We took some alone shots...

and we finished off the second part with a  nice couple shot...

Once we were done, Amy changed back to her casual dress in the car while I finally got to remove my jacket and took some casual shots along a nice pond. Joshua scouted this area in his previous shoot and ask us if we were willing to try it. Why not I said?

Another absolutely fabulous session by Joshua and he had one more site up his sleeve in Putrajaya. Stay tuned for the final part of our pre wedding shoot.

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