29 November 2011

Amy and Jason Pre Wedding Part 1

It has been more then 4 months now since Amy and I did our pre-wedding photoshoot with Joshua from InlightPhotos. InlightPhotos has done a fantastic job for us and normally most of the professional wedding photographers give you 5 hours and that is it. Maybe they give you an hour extra as a bonus but Joshua went out of his way and suggested we split our 5 hour session into 2 2.5 hour sessions. That means he was with us when the sun raised around 8am till the sun set around 7pm.

The pre-wedding shoot day started pretty gloomy as we woke up and I could smell rain in the air. Leric our makeup artist came bright and early and got Amy all dolled up and ready. He also followed us from the start of the day till the end of the day. We left my place in Subang at 8.30am to reach our first destination which is a nice restaurant in downtown KL called Bar Italia. Amy and I fell in love with this place the first time Chong brought us for some Gelato. It is a 3 story building on Jalan Berangan (near Sommerset) with a rooftop bar.

Amy email the restaurant owner and we were graciously allowed to take photos while they were not open. Unfortunately, the owner forgot to tell the people taking care of the place that we were coming and lucky for us there was someone actually staying in the restaurant overnight. It took us about 30 minutes to get everything straighten out and the click click of Joshua's camera and his artistic direction started.

Soon in no time we were taking photos in all areas of the restaurant. We started off at the second floor of the place which had a full glass window and some interesting art work. There as a nice wooden table they use as dining table in front of us and Joshua used it to great effect.

Right beside the table, for decoration, Bar Italia utilized some used wine bottles as a partition and again with Joshua's direction, we managed to get some great photos with the partition as the foreground and also the light shining in from the window.

We went around some of the tables and also took some pictures with the interesting art work they had on the walls.

We brought some props of our own which were the cupcakes and the coffee beans and we got the coffee cups from Bar Italia. By the time we were done with the second floor, the gloomy skies cleared up and we decided to head upstairs to the open air bar on the 3rd floor.

Unfortunately, since the place is not open yet, all the nice chairs and pillows were not laid out and we didn't do much shooting on the open air bar area. Not to mention the place was really hot as well. So we decided to head back down to the comforts of the Aircon on the second floor and head to the back of the restaurant where there was a spiral staircase that goes through all 3 floors.

We were done with the interior of the restaurant itself and proceed into the streets for some photos. Joshua had us in the middle of the road near the restaurant walking up and down the road while waiting for cars to pass by and get out of sight. He told us, don't worry I will make sure the pictures look good and people seeing the picture won't know it was taken in Malaysia. Here are the results...

We were finally done but while walking back to the restaurant and my car, Joshua was looking every which way to see if there are some good photo opportunity and we got one with Bar Italia's Vespa...

and some random building entrance while walking back to the car.

So far so good for the photos at Bar Italia. We went back to my place for some rest, a shower and some lunch. Joshua suggested we split the session into 2 so we could go back and freshen up in between shots. It was such a great idea because after I showered I felt like a new man and was ready to go for the next part. Next part was the formal part of the pre-wedding shoot. I wasn't looking forward to this part but stay tuned for it.


  1. It really doesn't look like Malaysia. Nice! :)

  2. Hi there Jason! Am interested in the place u went for photoshoot at Putrajaya Lalang. Can u tell me where is that? Many thanks. My email is veronicachant@gmail.com! :)