29 November 2011

Mike's trip to Kuala Lumpur

After much persuasion from me, my good friends from Australia finally decided to visit us here in Malaysia. I think it was more about the satay then Amy and I, but finally he booked his ticket and he got on the plane from Sydney to KL. We picked him up from the airport and the first thing on his mind was nothing other then Satay of course. So the only place I know where opens so late at night is in Taipan.

He had his fill of Satay, not the best but it will do for now. We vowed to feed him until he goes back fatter then ever. The next day couple of days were a frenzy as we went through the preparation for our (Amy and I) wedding and the wedding day itself. We resumed the eating frenzy and sight seeing on Sunday where we brought him to have a typical Malaysian breakfast at K3K in Subang Jaya.

We ordered some roti jala with curry chicken, laksa, sotong kangkung and yau char kwai with kaya. Mike mentioned that this is very strange as breakfast since in Australia normally breakfast consist of muffins and coffee. We needed to ensure we have all the energy as we are going sight seeing crazy today. After breakfast we had some fun at a pet store just beside K3K.

The pug puppy was so cute that I could have brought him and brought it home on the spot. The only thing was of course it cost freaking 2k and we do not have the time to take care of a dog at the moment. Next stop on our adventure is the place I bring most of my visitors which is KL tower. The tickets now at KL tower is so freaking expensive. Last time it was around 10-15 bucks for Malaysians and around 20-30 for non-malaysians. I paid a whopping 105 bucks for 2 Malaysians and 1 non-Malaysian. That to me is way too high a price just to go up there. I think it will most likely be the last time I bring a visitor there because it just cost too much.

There was a cultural exhibit around the KL tower area and Mike wanted to fit into the local scene...

I think we didn't feed Mike enough for breakfast unfortunately...

We were lucky when we arrived at observation deck of the KL tower, the sun started to come out behind the clouds and gave us some spectacular views of the entire KL region.

Apparently, KL tower is the 4 tallest communication tower in the world. Not sure if it is still accurate...

After KL tower, we got a so call "free" F1 simulator which basically you get to drive a Petronas Mercedes GP F1 car on the Sepang track. It was such a joke because after  about 1/4 of the lap I realised you could just step on the accelerator throughout the corner and you will easily make the corner. It actually applies the brakes for you. What a joke of an F1 simulator.

You can bring a visitor to KL without bringing them to the famous Petronas Twin Towers. However instead of going to shopping complex itself, I brought Mike to the tourist spot along Lorong Kuda. We had a fun-tastic time there again taking pictures.

After all that, we got hungry again. Mike mentioned to us during breakfast that he likes food with alot of spice in it, I could think of no better place then to bring him to have Banana Leaf rice and Nirwana Maju's in Bangsar.

I would think that after all the food we have fed him over the past couple of days during the wedding, he would have slowed down. However at Nirvana Maju's Mike had a helping of lamb bryani and when I mention the rice was free flow he had another helping of rice. I only had one small helping of normal rice and I gave up already. 

After lunch, we decided to bring Mike to Village Grocer at Bangsar Village Shopping center cause he wanted to see some local produce. We had a really fun time there explaining to him the different vegetable and fruits and spices. One thing that caught Mike's eyes was....

The pisang tanduk there was especially huge, we also had a royal laugh at the organic section where there were selling 2 cloves of garlic for 8.30. In comparison you could get a whole bag of normal garlic for like 2 bucks. After all the laughing and messing about at Village grocer, we decided to chill at Antipodean for some coffee and cakes.

Mike says he gave up because of all the food we fed him and he was still digesting Nirvana Maju. However he was the one that suggested we have the cake at Antipodean. Next we dropped by Midvalley because Mike wanted to check out the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and also the Samsung Galaxy Note. From where we decided to head to the Ampang Lookout point for some drinks and the view. On the way we drove by Jalan Ampang so that Mike can get a picture of Petronas Twin Towers up close and personal.

We finally finished the day off with some WAW (Wong Ah Wah) grilled chicken wings, satay and Siew Yoke Mien.

The next day, we took things easy and woke up around 9 something. First order of business was of course brunch and we decided to bring Mike for some good ol Bak Kut Teh..

Mike was amused by the fact that all the waiter and waitresses were wearing aprons that proudly shows the Ajinomoto brand. He says now in Australia, everyone is being health conscious and all the food packaging has MSG free and here in Malaysia all the aprons have Ajinomoto on it. 

After the tummies were filled once again, we went to Sunway pyramid for a spot of shopping. Mike wanted to get some angry birds soft toy and he did get it all right.

He asked us to.....

So we gave him some GeorgeTown Coffee and introduced him to Rotiboy.

While we were over at the Curve during one of the days, Mike was introduced to Dragon Fruit but unfortunately juice works was out of it. So we went shopping and we got 3 types of fruits for lunch. We thought we have been having too much good food so we decided to have fruits for lunch. What we got were...

  1. Dragon Fruit
  2. Longan
It would be the first time Mike was to have durian and this was his first reaction when smelt it up close and personal...

He had a whole seed and he said it taste good but smelt bad. The aftermath of the durian was even more funny. 5 min after Mike consumed the durian, he burped and almost killed himself.

He tried to eat everything including mint gums and biscuits and all just to get rid of the smell. He finally managed to get rid of the smell after dinner which we had Nasi Kandar.

It was Mike's last meal of the trip and we finally sent him to the airport for his return flight. I think I at least put on 2 kilos from his trip. Not sure about him, however it was good having Mike in KL and we finally managed to let him taste some Malaysian Satay and Malaysian food.


  1. Yup my stomach is showing signs already that it was too much food