08 November 2011

Banana Road Trip to Phuket Day 4

All of us woke up at 530am to see Jack head to the airport. Unfortunately he needed to head back early due to work purposes. Initially his flight was at 2pm but due to a meeting in the afternoon that he needed to attend, he had to take the 8am flight out. After we saw Jack Off, all of us went back to bed. At around 9am I got a whatsapp from Allan asking for breakfast. Since I was also hungry I said yes and he was so looking forward to the pork.

Unfortunately this morning there was no pork to be had. We still had a really great breakfast of  grilled cheese, onion and tomato sandwich with cereal. It would keep us filled until lunch time.

Before we left the guesthouse, I went around to take some pictures of the guesthouse. There is 3 floors to the guesthouse and the top floor had a bedroom and also the reception. The reception is really nice and simple with a table where Johann works from and couch and a cool looking table.

The table is not even and has a slit in between the front and the back. Even the legs are placed at a very weird position. If you look at the picture above, you will see the front legs are in the middle instead of on the sides. This is good for klutzy people who keep kicking into table and chair legs.

On the top floor there is also one room and it was occupied by Jack and Allan for the first 2 nights. Most of the rooms look exactly the same with the same amenities such as en suite toilet, satellite TV, king sized bed, wardrobe and a fantastic view. This is how the top floor bedroom looks like.

It has a nice King size bed and the bed is nice and comfortable. The view from the top floor is spectacular as in my previous post. Now going down to the second floor, even the staircase is nicely decorated.

Second floor is where I stayed. The view ain't as good as the first floor because it is blocked slightly by some trees and of course it has a lower vantage point. However the upside is that it is the nearest to the WiFi router. This means the WiFi strength is the highest and also right outside my bedroom is the breakfast room. Hence you will know when breakfast is cooking.

It is quite standard as of the other rooms where there is a king sized bed, equipped with TV with satellite TV and a fully stocked mini bar.

The view out of my room is no less spectacular but there is of course a big tree and it is also lower and it is blocked by some buildings. As mentioned right outside my room is the breakfast room...

It is a nice and simple table that served us very well for the 4 days we were there. We were served very delicious breakfast and the yogurt that Johan provided was really just superb.

We took it a bit easy today and we only got out of the guesthouse to head to the beach around 11am. That time the sun was getting really hot and we made sure this time we had all the sun protection we needed. We headed to the beach again. We actually saw 2 topless chicks on the beach and basically Allan and I had our jaws on the floor.

Since we also got sun burnt, a lady came around selling Aloe Vera gel and we decided to get some so that we didn't get any more burnt. She actually cut some fresh Aloe Vera and put it all over Allan and I. It looked like we got cummed by a whale.

Picture courtesy of Chong

Picture courtesy of Chong
Allan had a really cooling good time as the fresh aloe vera was spread all over his body. After we were "cummed" on by the whale, I had to go to the toilet and I told the guys I need to ease myself. They asked me if I was going to pay 5baht to use the toilet and I non-chalantly said well we are going all natural and I pointed towards the sea and started walking towards it. They both gave me 5 minutes before coming to meet me in the water.

After we cooled off in the water, we dried off again and headed for lunch. We walked towards our car and right opposite the place we parked our car, there was a side stall selling thai food. We went there and ordered...

Lunch consisted of:

  • BBQ Pork
  • Fried pork with Vegetable
  • Fried Fish with sweet and sour sauce
  • Omelet (forgot to take picture)
  • Pineapple shake
Food once again was spectacular and even better then the couple of dinners we have had so far. With our tummies filled we once again headed for some shopping and vowed we will come back for the sunset. Just before we left, Chong spotted something and wanted to take a posed picture. I agreed and....

I think my impersonation a bit fail. We got back to the same spot we were on the beach at around 6pm for the sunset. We were lucky because it was a very very good time for sunset.

Guy with his hand barely seen is Allan

There is no way better to enjoy the sunset other then with the person you love or with....

Good Friends


I couldn't take anymore Singha so decided to get a pussy breezer instead. It was nice and refreshing. With the sun far below the horizon, we once again packed ourselves into the A6 and headed to Phuket Central Festival Hotel. While we were walking around we spotted...

Talking Dict
It didn't get better because after awhile we spotted...

Easy Dict
and finally....

Cyber Dict, Talking Dict and Easy Dict side by side
 We also met up with some of Chong's friends which was taking us out for dinner at a real Thai place. Finally some really Thai food. We drove about 30-45 minutes to gather the rest of their friends and about another 20 min out of the city to finally arrive in the middle of nowhere. Trust me, we were not even on the GPS and it was like in the middle of the jungle. However we found out we were near the ocean.

We had again another fantastic dinner.

What was for dinner you ask? Well we had:
  • Fried pork belly
  • BBQ squid
  • Fried Fish
  • Fried Fish with sambal (the sambal super spicy that I had no feeling on my lips after having it)
  • Omelet
  • Fried basil with pork
  • Fried prawn balls
  • Fresh vegetables (ulam style)
It was all washed down with nothing other then Johnny Walker Black label. Dinner was digesting and we had to bid our new friends farewell. They were going to continue drinking at a pub but with a long 13-15 hours drive ahead of us, we declined their invitation and went back for some rest.

Unfortunately tomorrow we are heading home :(

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