08 November 2011

Banana Road Trip to Phuket Day 3

On Day 2 we really had lots of food and drinks that I planned to head to the beach for a jog. I woke up around 730am and decide to head out to have a look at the scenery. As I was at the balcony, I heard Allan and Jack talking and asked them if they wanted to go for a jog. Before that I told Allan how much he missed the night before with the bikini competition at Hard Rock. Jack and I were still talking about the tight arse on the lady with the white bikini during breakfast.

They said ok to jogging and I got changed and went to their room and they say they needed to eat breakfast first. DEM SWEAT BIG TIME. Since we arrived yesterday in the evening we never actually got to see the day time view from the balcony. 

That is just such a beautiful sight and this was right out of our balcony. The weather was perfect for the beach with some clear blue skies and no heavy clouds at all. So first order of business is of course, BREAKFAST!!!

The large breakfast you see above was cooked by our guest house host and it was a good and hearty one to keep us full until lunch time. After breakfast we all got ready for nothing other then the BEACH!!!! You know how I mentioned in the previous post that our guesthouse is right on top of a hill and we had a headache walking up the thing? Well this is how it looks like.

See the picture above? I made sure that when I took this picture it is level with the horizon and the slanting is due to the slope in the drive way and not because my brain a bit senget. Still not convinced?

When we first got to the beach, I told the guys to head off to the beach while I went in search of a cheap pair of OKLI (fake oakleys). After some looking and some haggling, I got it for 20 bucks and man it was the best thing I bought the entire trip. I look like an idiot but at least it protected my eyes from the sun and from the girls knowing that I was looking at them too. Hehe.

We decided to walk along the beach first to check out a nice spot to put our things down. Chong and I started using copious amounts of SPF30 sun block but Allan and Jack wanted a tan. So they put on some Tanning Lotion at SPF4. We finally picked the right spot and the only reason why we picked that spot was because there was a Russian chick beside us which wasn't wearing a bikini but a white t-shirt top. Use your imagination what happens to the white t-shirt top and the beach. There was an American Chinese guy who asked us to take a photo for him and he asked Jack and Allan if she was our friend. Their response "We WISH!!!!"

With our sun protection on, Allan, Jack and myself wondered around the beach to look for some beautiful babes in skimpy bikini and generally relaxing on the beach.

Check out the chick beside Allan, that is the Russian chick with the white T-shirt top instead of a bikini. Allan was salivating himself throughout the time we were there.

There is nothing that can beat being on the beach getting a tan, with beautiful ladies prancing around us and showing off, with a bottle of cold beer in our hands and 4 good friends. Seriously there is nothing that can beat this at ALL.

Around 12-1 something in the afternoon, we decided we were sufficiently roasted and decided to head home to wash up and grab some lunch. Before we left Patong beach, we did....

With the drive up to Phuket and the rain, the car was not looking its best. So Chong decided to send it for a car wash and we headed to Jungceylon for lunch and car wash.

While Chong and the rest were negotiating the price with one Thai there that could speak Bahasa Malaysia, something caught my eye.

It is a machine that sells sanitary napkins and tissue paper. I have seen machine that sells tissue paper but never sanitary napkins. However Amy told me it is quite common in the ladies toilet. How lar I know? Never been into the ladies toilet before mah.

The car wash cost a whooping 500baht but we got a little surprise after that as they washed the entire car top to bottom including the interior and even the engine bay. They didn't just spray water and wipe the engine bay, they used some poli-chem products to clean it and even gave us some poli-chem product free.

and the A6 was branded as well.

For lunch, we decided to have...

Now before you screw us for having McDonald's in Thailand, hold your horses. We went to have McDonald's for the famous...

Make that 4 serves please Thank You!

After lunch we walked around a bit to do some shopping at Boots and decided to do something REALLY STUPID. I mean heck no one knows us in Phuket anyway. What did we did you ask? Well here goes...

People walking around were actually looking and giggling at what we were doing. The lady manning the real-estate booth opposite us couldn't stop giggling. So who has the best imitation of Paul Frank himself? Enough of the nonsense, we went to get some coffee at...

After we were energized by the coffee, we went to a brand's factory outlet for some shopping. We tried to come back for the sunset but we missed it big time. All I got was...

Since we missed the sunset, we drowned out sorrows with some beer and food at Finnegans. While we were enjoying ourselves having beer and food....

Picture courtesy of Chong
Yup it poured like crazy and it is a know fact that if Chong washes his car, it will surely rain. We didn't expect it also work in Phuket. Hehe.

You cannot possible come to Thailand without getting a Thai Massage. So after drinks, we went to get a Thai Massage and right after that was dinner.

Jack and Allan were full from snacks and the "Thai Massage" that they order a bowl of noodle each. Chong and I shared a plate of fried rice, fried mixed vegetable and fried sweet and sour pork. Everything washed down with non other then Singha la. We had so much Singha before this that Allan, Jack and I were actually sick of Singha. This goes to show that none of us are alcoholic yet. Chong had a Breezer while at the beach so he still could have Singha.

By the time we finished dinner it was 11plus and we were tired from all the drinking and eating and shopping we called it a night. Jack had to leave the Guesthouse at 6am the next day to catch a flight back to KL. We all decided to wake up early as well to see Jack Off. Get it? Hehe.


  1. Jack's Paul Frank impersonation can rival De Way and Michelle's yo!! *rotfl*

    PS. If your Uncle Jack helped you off an elephant, will you help your Uncle Jack off an elephant? (courtesy of Ju Kuang from The Love Guru). -___-"

  2. We are planning to visit Phuket in mid-Dec.
    Thank you for posting.
    I've been looking at some of the posts on this website to get an idea about travel in Phuket for my next vacation.