04 November 2011

Banana Road Trip to Phuket Day 2

We woke up early before the sun peeked out because we wanted to reach the Thai border before 10am. Apparently at 10am, that is when the buses all arrive and the immigration is gonna be packed. Because of last night's mamak at 2am, I woke up famished and waiting for breakfast. Initially TJ wanted to bring us for some Dim Sum but due to time restriction we had to settle for somewhere nearer. We packed our stuff before breakfast as we were leaving directly. We got another gift from TJ and it is in the blue bucket in the middle of us.

Can you guess what is in the bucket?

Yup he gave us a whole crate of beer. However we don't think we could finish it all and we only took 4 cans of beer to Phuket. We left for breakfast and I was so hungry I had a Loh Mai Kai and a plate of wantan mee. Everyone except TJ had double helping for breakfast.

This was what was left after our breakfast and I think everyone will pumped and filled for the journey ahead. The most crazy thing about this morning was that TJ used to work for Kelly Services and have talked to Chong before and offered him a job. What a small world right?

We bid TJ farewell and many thanks for having us over and headed to the border. The weather on the second day was super brilliant with some blue skies and some cow crossing signs.

Before heading to the border we had to stop over at CTC to get the immigration form and also insurance for the car.

After getting the document straight, we had one more stop which is to top up on fuel before heading into Thailand. Reason for that is because the fuel price in Thailand is close to double the amount that we pay in Malaysia. At the same time, we also topped up on some rain-x on the windshield.

That is us cleaning the windscreen and making sure the rain-x is still there. After all that is done, border here we come.

First we have to go through the Malaysian Immigration and for a long long long time, I never got a chop on the Malaysian Immigration side. However apparently the E-Passport system was down and we got a chop. Next up is...

The Thailand Immigration is so different from Singapore Immigration. When driving into Singapore, you don't even need to get out of the comforts of your own car. However going into Thailand, we had to park the car, get our passport stamped which took us an hour and also get something called a carnet.

Basically what a carnet is for is so that we are unable to sell our car in Thailand. Initially I thought heck most of the cars come from Thailand anyway and the cars are so much cheaper in Thailand. Why would the Thai's want to buy our cars. However I found out that Thailand gets the lower end spec cars and the Thai's want the higher spec cars. Anyway, after we got all that done, the 3 of us couldn't help ourselves but too....

The thing we are planking on is the milestone that is the border. One side is Kedah and the other side is Thailand. Ain't that AWESOME!!! We had one out take as well.

It seriously look like I am humping the milestone. Hahahahahaha. After we got our pictures....

After about 2 hours driving in Thailand with some heavy traffic, we passed the town of Phatthalung. We got hungry again and we stopped at a petrol station with an attached 7-Eleven. We got some "lunch". What did lunch consist of:
  • Pork Sausages wrapped with bacon
  • Yam curry puff
  • Chicken curry puff
  • Yogurt, coffee and soya bean drink
  • Pork snacks
I think words just don't accurately describe it so here are some proof...

This is the point we decided that we should have PORK for every meal that we have in Thailand. It really look as if the 4 of us came from a country which is pork deprived. Haha. Again with the tummies filled, we set off again and stopping one more time Krabi for a pit stop. While we were driving through the town of Trang, we saw some really cool tuk tuk.

After 9 hours on the road, we finally arrived in Phuket at Bougainvilla Guest House which is going to be our home for the next 3 nights. The view from the top floor was fantastic and looks directly towards the Andaman Sea.

After such a long drive, the only thing we can do is drink some local Thai drink...

It also accompanied with a huge dinner which cost 1000+ baht and 8 dishes. We actually order 5 dishes at the start and when we realised it is not enough we had another 3 dishes. Chong had to explain to our neighbour that we were just released from Halal jail. Hahaha.

What did we have for dinner:
  • Tom Yum Gung (an obvious choice)
  • Thai Green curry with chicken
  • Fried Pork with Basil leaves
  • Fried Morning Glory with sauce
  • Spring Roll
  • Thai Style Omelet
  • Som tam - Thai Style spicy salad
It was a good dinner and because we were so freaking full, we decided to walk around Patong Beach...

Chong (driver) and Allan (co-driver) were tired after the walk to Patong Beach and decided to head home. The 2 passenger were still filled with energy so we decided to walk to Hard Rock Phuket. Jack and I wanted to get a gift and after we got our gift, we were given a 300 bucks baht voucher for drinks or food. So we headed out and had drinks.

It so happens, that night they had a bikini competition and Jack and I were just feasting our eyes on them. They had the bikini clad girls play in a foam pool as well. I mean what can you ask for more, the beach, good Thai food, good Thai Beer and Thai ladies in skimpy bikinis in foam. We were close to heaven that night.

Jack and I had an eye for one particular lady which had a really sweet and tight ass. Don't believe it, check it out.

Can't guess which lady? Well it is the lady in white with the number 3 on it. She had a really tight ass and we were ogling over her the entire night. After a couple of glasses of beer, we decided to call it a night and walk back to our guesthouse. Oh did I mention it was on top of a hill? Before we tackled the hill, Jack wanted to get some cigar and puff some cigars while having a can of beer before sleeping. We couldn't find cigar and by the time we got to the top of the hill where our guesthouse was, both of us had a splitting headache from the lack of oxygen and the abundant of alcohol. We decided to call it a night. It was a great night however.

Next day we are going to the BEACH!!!!