03 November 2011

Banana Road Trip to Phuket Day 1

A few months back, Jack, Allan and Chong decided that before I got married we will head to Phuket for a Road trip. Yup you heard it, we are driving to Phuket for a holiday. At first it sounded like a good idea until just before we went and I went to google map it and it about 980km from KL to Phuket and it would take about 13 hours. It is the same amount of time I spend on a flight from KL to Paris.  Driving to Phuket, we will cross 4 states in Malaysia and that is only half the trip. In Thailand we will have to travel 500+km to reach Phuket which lies on the south western part of Thailand.

The trip started with all of us making our way to Chong's place right in the heart of KL on Friday 21st of November 2011 after work. I was to take the LRT down to Berjaya Time Square, Jack would drive himself there and Chong was to pick Allan from his place and head home in his BMW bike. Jack was the first to arrive and he were whatsapping each other. When I saw Chong's kondo, I messaged Jack and right after that it started to POUR buckets of rain. Lucky I was equipped with my trusty umbrella which apparently started to leak less then 5 min in the pouring rain. I was the second to arrive and we waited for Chong and Allan for about 15 minutes

However I was still lucky as Allan was on the bike with Chong in the pouring rain, with shorts and slippers and NO rain pants. When they finally arrived, Allan got off and first thing he did was to jump up and down and said "Ah they are still there". You go figure that one yourself. We freshened up and waited for the rain to slow down which it didn't since it continued to pour. We decided to prepare for it and make sure the car is nicely rain-x-ed. The car in question is the Audi A6 Quatrro which was superbly comfortable. At 120km/h it felt like we were going at 80km/h.

Allan and I were in charge of the windshield and Jack was in charge of putting rain-x washer fluid into the windshield washing liquid container. Lucky we rain-x-ed the car because it rained all the way till we reach Alor Setar. We left KL at 8pm.

Jack asked me to take the above picture as during one of our conversations, Amy asked if she could come and a resounding NO was heard. Jack did say we will bring an Ice Box to represent Amy and well here is the picture of the icebox. Unfortunately as we set off, the ice box was under Jack's foot and later it was put into the boot. Hehe.

We stopped over at Tapah Rest Stop for dinner at around 10pm and I was super hungry until I didn't feel hungry anymore. That was how hungry I was and we all decided to start the trip with an unhealthy meal. We had....

They made me treasurer for the trip and Chong gave me a nice little wallet to put the money and receipt in it. We were joking about it and I had a great idea on how to turn it into a fashion icon...

Picture Courtesy of Chong
Very stylish right? Anyway we finished our dinner and the boys needed a sugar rush, on the way into KFC, we saw that Baskin & Robbin was right beside and they wanted to have some ice cream. Unfortunately by the time we got out of KFC, 31 flavors were closed already. So we answered nature's call and set off for Alor Setar. We got caught in the jam for about an hour near Gopeng and finally reaching Alor Setar at 2am in the morning.

All we wanted to do was go and grab some sleep. We were suppose to bunk over at one of Allan's friend TJ. He had other plans for us and brought us out to have some food.

Picture courtesy of Chong

Picture courtesy of Chong

That is us having roti canai (dem good roti canai by the way) at 2am in the morning at Alot Setar. We went back to TJ's placed and crashed for the night. We still have a long drive ahead of us tomorrow. More on that tomorrow.


  1. Chong: Have to say really best road trip by far

  2. We are planning to visit Phuket in mid-Dec.
    Thank you for posting.
    I've been looking at some of the posts on this website to get an idea about travel in Phuket for my next vacation.