27 December 2011

It is all fun and games until someone gets hurt

As most of you would have know, I have been working in KL City centre for just over a week now. I decided to give back what I have taken in the past 6 years of my working career. What I am talking about, well I have decided to give public transportation a go. 

What I have been doing for just little over a week is to drive from our place in Kota Kemuning to Taman Bahagia LRT station. From there, I would take the LRT to KLCC and from the KLCC stop I would walk about 15-20 min to my office. It has been great and I have to applaud RapidKL for doing a truly fantastic job with the LRT service. 

There is a train every 2 minutes or less and so far it has been crazily packed. This could be due to the school holiday and I may eat my words later when the new year school session starts. In any case, I have been parking at a mosque opposite Taman Bahagia LRT station. On my first trial run, my car was spotted by a fellow LRT taker and this was taken...

That happened 2 weeks ago when I did a dry run to see if I could get to work on time. I honestly didn't even see the freaking sign and the way the patch of road looked, it looked like people park there on a regular basis. However, thank my lucky stars that I never actually got denda 300 bucks for it. The person who spotted my car did however sent this picture to all my friends and we had a royal laugh at it.

Since I actually started working in KL city centre, I am now a regular at that place and the person who spotted my car on the first day has been telling me how I have been getting summons and all that. On Friday, as I got into my car, I spotted a piece of paper placed under my wiper. I didn't think it was a summon because it looked like it was hand written. I thought it was an angry resident trying to stake a claim to that parking spot. However when I read it, I burst out laughing...

It was an elaborate prank played on me by a prankster which has been telling me I already got summon and all. Finally I got a summon but it was written by the prankster himself. 

Today, the day started out like normal, I went to work and I parked my car where I normally parked. When I got back to my car, I saw a note slipped under my wiper and I thought oh man the prankster is at it again. His car was parked right behind mine. However when I got close, the paper doesn't look the same and guess what? Yup, you guessed it right, it is a bonafide summon from MBPJ.

On the bright side is the prankster also got a summon as well and we are going to drown each others sorrows tomorrow by going for some happy hour. I asked him how many has he gotten in the 2 years he parked there. To my surprised, he said it was the first one. Guess Christmas came late for the both of us. Hehe


  1. Btw, I reckon you should share the content of that email thread. It was damn friggin' funny!!! *rotfl*

  2. I have to agree! You two..should REALLY park at the parks la!
    Told you before...just some extra 20-40 steps. Walking helps tone the butt macha!

  3. Repercussion baby!! *hehe*

    *Celion Dion - It's All Coming Back to Me Now*

  4. Problem with the park is because den dirty la my car. Mana tahu will kena saman

  5. Steph: Karma is a bitch and NOOO!!!! That email shall be kept amount us. Haha