19 May 2011

May Madness

This month of May has been really crazy from me. I have been stressed in so many ways possible and it is not coming from work stress. Yesterday the stress level went up again as I was driving to Steph's place to go for tennis. I was like maybe 5-10 meters from turning into the Loong Fong junction heading towards Steph's place and then BANG! I got rammed up the butt again but this time by a Hyundai Matrix. Looks like my butt hole is getting bigger, first was a Myvi back in 2006 and 5 years later Hyundai Matrix pun masuk.

I do not know why but when I got out of the car I was surprisingly calm and didn't even scold or utter one word of profanity. I just looked at the car and told the guy well this is going to cost you. Last time I had this accident it cost 2k++ and then proceed to ask him how he want to settle it.

After much discussion we decided to settle it within ourselves and not going through the insurance thing. I thought that was all good but that is when the drama all started. After I called my parents, they asked me to go report to the police first. Then I sms-ed the guy who hit me and told him I will go report and he called me asked me not to report. In my mind I didn't want to report because it was a heck alot of work and for sure the guy will get a 300 bucks summon. Then called my parents and they won't accept it and there has been some grief between my parents and I about my house reno. So in the end I had to get the guys dad to call me all the way from China to tell me that he will pay me and finally everything sort of settled for now.

Funny thing about the Toyota is that it is really flimsy man. Every time someone bangs my rear end (no pun intended) the bumper basically pops out and the plastic will bend and stuff. Once the plastic is bent, the entire bumper needs to be replaced which sucks. The guys Matrix hardly had a scratch or even a dent. My car the bumper popped out, the read lights popped out, the rear sensor popped out, the boot lid was scratched a lil and the tail pipe chrome piece got bent.

Guess it is another trip to the workshop, I doubt I am going to send it to Toyota again. Later going to to the workshop to ask them what can be done and how much it is going to cost the other guy. Just hope that he is going to pay up in the end.

When the dad called me he said he estimated the damage to be 300 bucks and in my mind, I said good luck man. 300 bucks might not even cover the price of the replacement bumper. :)

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