24 May 2011

Market Hall Makan Makan

We are all Malaysians, our national pass time is Makan First then jump queue in a traffic jam. So we spend most of our time looking for good food in Malaysia. The day after Sze Jean's ROM, we all re-gathered ourselves at Market Hall in Pavilion KL. Amy and I were early because we didn't want the hassle of looking for a parking spot. 

We went for some pre lunch drinks at coffee bean. While we were there Amy said she wanted a new portrait picture for her FB so I took some picture of my lovely fiancee and the light was just nice.

The light was filtering in from the huge front glass we were sitting at and it was perfect as it cast some shadows and texture to Amy's face. I can stare at those pictures all day and not get bored.

Once we were done with our coffee we went for second round a Market Hall on the top floor of Pavilion.

I instantly like this place just by looking at the decor. Check out what they use as lamps...

You have to say that it is a pretty cool lamp. Even the glass they use to serve water also super cool.

They also have an attached club or bar on the side called the bedroom. Very sexy and not Shy. :)

Majority of the seats as well as the table are wood and unpolished wood. I think this goes very well with the paint can lamp.

All the nice wood grain tables and chairs make it super irresistible not to take Black and White pictures. Now moving along to the people, before lunch was served I had nothing much to do other then well "try" to take some artistic shots.

Check it out man. Ever the boss pose

EV contemplating something. Hope it ain't about her blackberry

Try Try to do something interesting

Then the food arrived, first it was some appetizers which were pizza bread with some seriously good salsa sauce.

Then the food came thick and fast. I tried to be healthy and ordered the grilled vegetable sandwich and Amy had the smoked salmon sandwich.

The smoked salmon sandwich was much better then the grilled vege sandwich. They didn't put enough cheese into the grilled vege sandwich but the smoke salmon sandwich wasn't smoked enough. However they were still pretty good. After the eating there is pretty much nothing else to do other then "cakap kosong" and cam whore lor.

I am surprised that after all the food and the "cakap kosong" and the cam whoring the girls actually could still have desserts. So before we left the girls ordered some cakes but I was way to stuffed to the brim so just watch them eat lor and take some pictures.

EV can't waiting to dive it her favourite meal

Overall Market Hall is not too bad, the deco and feel of the place is top notch, the food to my taste is ok ok only. Nothing fantastic and the price well since it is in Pavilion it is a little on the high side. Each sandwich will cost you around 20+ bucks and the main meals are between 30-60 bucks depending on what your order. The ang moh guy that sat beside us order a plate of grilled prawns for appetizers and a plate of steam cod fish and it looked super good.


  1. hahahaha I like the way you said: "so just watch them eat lor and take some pictures" sounded so sad puppy :P

  2. oh sorry, lupa to add: great set of pictures, this one :D everyone looked uber relaxed and happy :)

  3. Hahaha. Well that is what the camera is for mah. When you get bored, just take pictures and your won't be bored anymore.

    Now you also got 5D already. Next time must bring out already. Haha