25 January 2010

Smoked Salmon

Ever since i started studying overseas i realised that it is extremely expansive to have hot food like char kuay teow and chicken rice for lunch. The normal accepted "cheap" food is sandwiches and if you are a girl then maybe salad. I can never sustain myself on salad. It was lucky i picked up the habit because it saved me quite some money when i traveled for work especially in the european countries.

This weekend me and Amy decided to try our hands out to make some Smoked Salmon sandwiches. I introduced Smoked Salmon sandwiches to Amy while we were on holiday in Australia and since then she has gone Smoked Salmon crazy.

After some time washing and prep-ing the ingredients, here i present to you our own version of the smoked salmon sandwich. It taste pretty good but i think the smoked salmon sandwich at The baker @ Curve is still better. Need to find out what they put in their secret sauce.

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