20 January 2010

Hog's Thoughts V2.0

It has been 1 year 2 months and 30 days since Hog's Thought's have been updated. Today Hog's Thought's 2.0 has been created hopefully with a renewed lease on life. Hopefully this time it will last pass the 2 year mark.

The original Hog's Thought's was created for this purpose

Welcome to Hog's Thoughts. This page is dedicated for me to display my complains, my feelings and most important to share the things that is happening in my life. I try to be as funny and as true as possible in my blogs. That is the whole point anyway, i want to make people laugh, forget about their stress for that one second in life and enjoy themselves. So come in enjoy yourself and hope you leave this site stress free or at least slightly less stressed
I will try to keep the tradition and hopefully at the end of the day people who come visit the site will leave less stressed.

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