25 January 2010

Michelle's Bday celebration @ MidValley

The new year has come and gone and that means its Michelle's birthday again. It it either Michelle hasn't learnt or she just love me singing the birthday song loud loud in a nice restaurant. This time we had dinner at delicious MidValley.

I kinda forgot to take most of the food pictures because everyone was hungry and the food came at different times. I was also busy stuffing myseld with the great food. Anyway what is a birthday without the birthday girl?

And of course her friends....

We ate, we joked and we laughed and we talked until our hearts content and finally comes the part we are all were eagerly waiting for( Well at least it was waiting for it. I think Michelle wasn't). The birthday cake and the birthday song.

Michelle was so happy with the cake we got for her and the song we sang for her that she was smilling ear to ear.
As usual we all had to have the standard group pictures and as usual i decided to be non standard.
After diner we all went to see Legion which i can say is about the dumbest movie of the new year. It almost made no sense and there was hardly much action in the movie. To vent out our anger about the crap movie, we decided to drown it out with some booze at Zouk Cafe The Gardens.
Suffice to say the girls were happy once again and we had a great night. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MICHELLE. Hope you enjoyed yourself.

More pictures if can be found here.

PS: If you think your silly mug does not appear in this post enough. Next time sit opposite me. Hahahah

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