21 January 2010

First Real Post

Okay here goes my first real post after so many months and days. I will start off my blog in the 2010 with a travel blog. Recently we decided to head down to Melaka for a very short weekend holiday. Amy was being her sadistic self and she wanted to go and see Tortura 2.

Were were blessed with good skies

Basically it is a exhibtion about medieval torture devices. I never knew there were so many ways to torture a human and some includes cutting of women's breast and pushing a stick thru the anus. I left the exhibition pretty much scared for life seeing how medieval people can be such sadist.

Now on to the good part. No visit to Melaka is complete without the festing of Chicken Rice Ball and Durian Cendol. Uh sorry people since this is my first real post forgot to take pictures of the food. They were devoured by Amy as soon as it came. :)

We decided to talk a stroll up the famous fort for some picture taking

Window to the world

Recurring patternsWarning do not enter

We also walked down to the standard round about area and instead of taking the standarad shots i tried something different this time. I put on my telephoto lens and went nuts.

Odd one out (can you spot it?)

Red in front of blue always works

Never one for arts

I took this picture while waiting for my Durian cendol

I guess a trip is never complete without some camwhoring as De Way likes to put it. So here it goes.

The lovely Amy KohKelvin Choo who is my cousin drooling over a SLR

Never a straight face

Phew man that was a tough post. Have to get back into the routine of this blogging thing. Hope you all enjoyed it. Stay tuned for more crap from the Hog.


  1. Good to have you back! Careful of letting Amy too many ideas man, she'll squeeze out all kinds of secret from you!

    Added to my blog list! Will be dropping by!

  2. Thanks Sam. Well hopefully it will continue to be updated.

    Nah I have built up a shield over the years from her. Haha