28 July 2010

Mama's Boy

Yesterday the topic on the radio was about adults over 25 years of age still staying with their parents and listening and doing everything that their mothers tell them. I hear all these stories and I realised okay lar I am not that bad. Some of the mothers even decide which girl their son should go out with.

Everyone who is my friend by know should know that I am a Mama's boy. If you do not know I am a Mama's boy then obviously you haven't hang out with me enough.

I still remember one day when Mei Foong and Steph came to my house and we were suppose to go out. They got a baptism of fire on how a mama's boy I am and I think my mum freaked them out a little. Both of them drove to my house and for some reason I do not know why I decided to park both their cars into my drive way. Half way doing that my mum felt something was wrong and she looked out of the window and saw me parking their cars. I got one hell of a firing from the second floor. Steph and MF was telling me nevermind lar they park outside but since I already parked their cars in. I could not be stuffed doing it again so I just said something to my mum and cabuts as fast as I can. Haha. Good times. I could not even remember where we were going that night.

I am about to hit the rightful age of 28 in about a months time. I still stay with my parents because it is economical. However staying with my parents has its disadvantages as De Way found out recently. Last week Thursday both of us were Freedom Ting and Freedom Ng. He decides to call me out for yam cha and he said we should go at 10am. 

DW: Freedom Ting or not tonight?
JT: Still free of course. After this week no more. Haha. You freedom Ng?
DW: Okay, tonight nimum @ 10, leng mou?
JT: Wah so late are? Earlier can are?
DW: Eh 10 to 1130 lidat ok la brader... How often u do dis man
JT: Haha 930 till 1130 lar. My parents won't like me going out so late. If I go earlier then easier. Still mama's boy. Mana?
DW: Yau Mou Gau Chor. Mamak @ USJ9 or coffee bean

So we finally settled on 930 and I decided to leave exactly at 930 knowing De Way sure late one. Guess what? At 915 my parents already ask me "Eh so late already still not going out yet meh". I know my parents too much and I can anticipate them already.
I still have "curfews" on weekdays. It is not like fully enforced but coming back after 12pm on a weekday is frowned upon. That one I am okay with it lar since I do need my sleep on the weekdays or not go to work like zombie.

I think we are all mama's boy/girls to a certain extend. We can help ourselves since we were brought up by our parents anyway. Maybe mine a little on the extreme side. Haha.

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