23 July 2010

Its your job

One thing that I enjoy about my work is that I get to travel once in a while. I am not stuck in an office whole day and on the occasion I would be overseas and get some time off to walk around. The best part about travelling is when you so happen to be at a place where something special is happening. One of the time I was over in Sydney, they were having the Sydney Festival of Lights.

I was fortunate enough to be sent there while the Festival of Lights was going on. Basically what they do is they light up giant buildings with all kinds of patterns and art to make it look nice at night. The most impressive is of course one of Sydney's famous icon the Sydney Opera house.

What is incredibly amazing is that they actually light up both side of the Sydney Opera House. They actually project the image from the opposite side (Overseas Passenger Terminal) of the bay onto the Sydney Opera House. It is a good 1km away from the place the projectors are to where the Sydney Opera House is. Mike and I got curious and we went to check out where the lights we coming from and we started talking to the guy. Apparently they are about the only company in the world that is able to do it. The heat coming out of the lights was intense and he was telling us that they have been doing these sort of things all over the world.

They actually change the patterns projected on the screen every 30-60 seconds and they are amazing.

This is a picture taken from the other side of Sydney Opera House and this one was projects from Sydney Botanical Gardens.

It is in stark contrast compared to the day time picture of Sydney Opera house.

They not only did it for the Sydney Opera house but also did it for the Museum of Contemporary Arts. Day time it looks like this.

At night it transforms to....

This was one of the trips that I can remember the most as it was actually my first trip to Sydney for work and my first trip to Australia for work. I was also lucky to be there to see the amazing sights of Sydney's famous icons in a different light.

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